#BeautyTalk– Won’t be whipping my hair back and forth

by alittlehoneyformyheart


Today marks my sixth and last day of my non-shampoo experiment! In exactly less than 8 hours time, i will be working my hair into a beautiful lather and running my fingers through its length with some actual conditioner. I absolutely cannot wait to see the end results.

But in the meantime, the verdict of the experiment is: My hair looks amazing! Not to toot my own horn but it looks lustrous and moisturised, with an almost undetectable hint of greasiness. Given i’ve had the help of my trusty Batiste dry shampoo all week long, my locks have regained most of its previous hydration and volume that got stripped during the colouring process.


Okay so maybe it’s a wee bit lanky and just slightly stringy and on some days i have had to resort to scraping my hair back in a bun (of which i was afraid to let down in public for fear of releasing a toxic wave which would send the masses running) because i didn’t feel like dousing my hair with more product. But i will say that my lazy buns have never ever looked better. I’m not even talking about a bun with a dozen bobby pins and a hair donut, i literally mean twisting my hair on the crown of my head and wrapping a hair tie around it. Usually my top knots are very 50/50 in the sense that on good days, they can hold an elegant, regal structure and on bad days, i can look like a maid on her 3rd round of beating carpets but during the entire week, it truly held its own. So it’s absolutely true what they say about dirty hair being the best for difficult hairstyles!

There were times when i so badly wanted to give in because i’d reach home at the end of a very long, sweaty and humid day’s worth of activities and eugh just the feel of how matted and tangled my hair was enough to make me want to run and soak myself in a tub of hair shampoo for a few eternities. Plus, my boyfriend was starting to complain about the smell. I think he took it especially hard since he’s such a neat freak himself bahahaha. However, as motivation i’d take a good look at my hair in the mirror, see how well and lustrous my tresses were doing and thought of how much better it would look if i held out for just a fewwww more days!

I had done some research (a.k.a. religiously read through dozens of beauty articles lol) beforehand and these articles from Refinery29— which happens to be one of my top favourite websites at the moment– were really interesting and not to mention, accurate. I didn’t want to venture into apple cider/vinegar rinse territory just yet though because lol baby steps please (plus the smell makes me gag, it burns my throat and makes it all scratchy). This one mentions that it takes up to six weeks for your scalp to adjust but uh, let me know if anyone decides to try it!

I may do a short update post-shampoo if i feel there are any drastic differences (which i’m hoping there will be). The whole point of this “experiment” was to shock my scalp into regaining back some of its texture and bounciness so i don’t think i’ll be doing any week long shampoo bans again. But i’ll definitely be cutting down on washes per week. Unless I run out of dry shampoo then hell to nah


In the meantime, i’m currently on the lookout for any cleansing conditioners since they’re the new “it” product in the hair industry. Apparently, you can use it twice in a row as shampoo and then as conditioner and it’s not supposed to leave your roots greasy either. I’ll probably order one online soon and i cannot wait!