#BeautyTalk– My lips are on crack

by alittlehoneyformyheart

There are a ton of things i’d like to blog about but 1) I’m so sleepy. It was the first day of Ramadhan today so i literally just got back from having “supper” with my boyfriend (it’s 3am lol), 2) My laptop is getting repaired at the moment which means that I’ve been using my tab to blog for the past two posts already (it’s not bad, i used to hate typing on my tab and saved it for scrolling through IG and Twitter but after some practise, it’s quite enjoyable and lightweight– although still not ideal for multi tasking) and 3) I really feel i should be sleeping earlier nowadays because i’ve been breaking out quite frequently over the past few days whiiiich sucks– my skin is in such terrible condition atm and it’s not even the time of the month yet! Just blotchy and red and scarred with zits here and there. FTS


I usually hate anything mildly gory but this is the closest i can get to describing the pain #completelynecessary

But there is one thing i literally cannot ignore and you’ll probably know what i’m talking about by now if you’ve kept up with my last few posts…and it’s that my lips are killing me. They’re hurting me so much i’m seriously considering seeing a doctor to figure what the hell is up (and no i don’t have herpes wtf they’re definitely not cold sores and if it’s relevant i’ve been with the same guy for almost 3 years so lol no). At first i thought it had to do with my sudden skin type change from oily to dry but the pain has just gotten out of hand— it burns.

It’s most likely an allergy to something that i have yet to figure out but all i know right now is that it stings like a btch and sooner or later, i’ll have to forego any and all lip products other than lip balm, salve, conditioner and treatment. It hurts when i smile, it itches after any meal, stings like crazy when i eat tomato ketchup, it peels when i wear lipstick etc.

Currently, i’m sleeping next to 7 lip balms (lol the only kind of promiscuity in my life right now is my infidelity with lip products) and at least 2 of them always come with me whenever i leave the house, depending on the condition of my lips that day. I am proud to say i am very almost done (about 1cm left gahd i’m so excited i only bought it early this month!) with my Avene Cold Cream lip balm! Every beauty/skincare lover knows that there is no greater achievement than emptying out or finishing something, especially a lip product because those things have such a tendency to disappear on you before they’re done.

Other than that, i’ve recently also included this “lip moist” from La Tulipe (apparently one of the Indonesian brands akin to Sari Ayu and Mustika Ratu according to people) which is supposedly better than a balm– more like a conditioner i guess– and is filled with vitamins. It’s quite rich and moisturising and i do love it… but i’d still take the former any day.

A friend recently got me the EOS organic lip balm in Sweet Mint which is so lovely and smooth upon application but it’s still a long way away from being Holy Grail status, do you get what i mean? Plus it burns if applied on its own (probably has to do with the peppermint seed oil in it). But other than that, it’s all good!

Update: It’s now the next day because i fell asleep while wrapping up this post and my lips feel rather calm and sedated this morning. Like, 2/10 for its pain level which i’m hoping will last me all day. Pleeeeease i promise not to use any matte lipstick today.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my sixth day of boycotting shampoo!