#BeautyTalk- Hurrrr

by alittlehoneyformyheart


So my hair is currently going through an awkward phase at the moment which is probably due to me recently colouring it again (because eww roots & people with 3  inches of “ombre” from the top, who exactly do you think you’re fooling?). Having gotten great results from my previous dye, i went back to Liese’s Bubble Hair Color but this time in Antique Rose. The color isn’t all that different from my previous color although there is a slight tinge of smoky red but other than that not a significant change. As usual, it was super convenient but i think i went just a tad overboard with the waiting time (i think i was meant to set it for 45 minutes but i, uh, decided to wait for 2 hours instead #overambitious).

As a result, my hair feels damaged 😥 It won’t curl right, it feels dry and lanky at the same time! Shiiiit. I’ve led a bad hair life for the past 17 years, i only grew into it when i was 18, I’M NOT ABOUT TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN *hyperventilates and tries to block out sounds of jeering children and teenagers sniggering*

So instead of loading it with more products, oils, hydrating sprays and leave on conditioner in an attempt to regain that bounce, i’ve decided to cease all activity and to let nature run its course. I’ve stopped washing my hair.

Thank God i’m on holiday so i have time to try out all these weird experiments without having to leave the house so much, i don’t think i’d recommend it to anyone on a normal schedule. It’s day 3 now coming day 4 and so far it’s nothing too horrifying, just a little stringy and mildly lanky on top but still under control. Sprayed on a bit of dry shampoo as i was leaving the house this morning but nothing else! Although i do think that i’ll have to spray some perfumed hair mist (never thought i’d have reason to use it bcs idk like normal people i used to wash my hair on a normal basis but the day has finally come!). It’s starting to…smell just a bit. Ew i know but let’s be cool about it from one beauty lover to another, for the sake of experimenting. As i ran my fingers through it, there was this slight whiff which i think must be from all the buildup from almost four days of not shampooing. Oh well. This had all better be worth it! Let’s see if i can make it through the week. That’s all!

In the meantime, i really want to try out L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil because i feel like it would be the answer to my prayers. Should have gotten it from Malaysia but i didn’t. Why oh whyy and it came in such a lovely glass bottle as well! T.T Hopefully they’ll sell it here (although at a foreseeably extortionate amount)!