I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because extremely cheesy post ahead

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I feel like i’m not done talking yet. I thought i was done talking and i was planning on going to sleep early tonight because i’ve got to wake up early tomorrow morning to meet the girls for a sushi brunch, but that’s obviously not happening since i’ve got Ja’mie: Private School Girl pre-streamed for yet another episode. Lol. It’s pretty funny in the way that mockumentaries generally are but she’s so rude. Bahaha.

So today, as you can tell from my previous post, i fell in love with my boyfriend again. So uncharacteristically mushy of me but to be completely honest, i’m the kind of girlfriend who stares dreamily at her boyfriend while he’s talking or texting or ordering food or standing across the room and yet i can be so, so mean to him when the mood strikes me. Meanwhile, he’s the complete opposite in the sense that he’s much more conservative with his PDA and yet he’s the sweetest, nicest and most caring boyfriend in the entire world! But you won’t catch me saying that to anyone because idk yuck i hate boasters but it’s acceptable for me to say it here since i’m sorta talking to myself right

He’s always so thoughtful and giving, unlike me. If he goes anywhere without me, he’ll remember to get something even though i never ask. Just something small and yet it lets me know that he’s always thinking of me. Since this is turning into a boyfriend appreciation post, i might as well go the whole hog and turn it into a list. Warning: do not read if you have a weak stomach and cannot handle diary. Cause this is going to be cheesy.

: Today he crossed the border along with some friends to get their passports stamped or something and remembering that i love the sweet pork sausages that they sell on sticks, he brought back some for me. Ahhh i didn’t know which to hug first, the sausages or him. I try to do that sometimes but half the time i end up eating some of the things i bring back for him. Lol

Um nothing says “i love you” better than sweet sausages okay?

: He went on a road trip to Miri the other time with some friends and he came back with more things for me than for himself. And at the same time, he introduced me to my favourite snack bars in the entire world which thank God, Starbucks here has now so i don’t have to go crazy every time i go to Miri. WTF meanwhile i suck at shopping for him. Given he did also get me this hideous top from Hush Puppies which i’ve never ever worn out just because it’s so…not my type but sigh. K

: Whenever his colleagues or friends go back home for holidays, he’ll always have them bring back something special for me and my family without me knowing. Sometimes it’ll be some of my favourite Indonesian crackers or some special pastries that he’ll have his mum pack and deliver to his friend right before they come back to Brunei so they can pass it to him. Although sometimes i get embarrassed when he does it because i feel like i’m unknowingly taking up someone’s precious luggage space hahaha

Once, a few months after we first started dating it was this “kain Bali” which was this very plain pink shanket (i couldn’t decide what it was; it was too big for a shawl but too thin to be a blanket) and i was all  “oh haha thanks for this pink…fabric. I’ll…remember to wrap it around my pillow…or something”. And fast forward to two years later i can’t even go to bed without it. It goes with me on sleepovers, when i travel or on long road trips. Can you imagine? I made it through 19 years without an emergency blanket and all of a sudden he waltzes in and turns me into a baby, sniffing at the corner of some weird blanket/shawl while i sleep. It’s so therapeutic and it never gets dirty. It keeps me cool all the time because the material always feels cool to the touch and yet if i cover myself in it, it keeps me warm too (at first i thought it was made of some cheap plain cotton and then as i grew to love it i promptly realized that “oh wait no it’s just hand spun unicorn’s mane with a sprinkling of magic”).

It’s like this but much thinner and softer and creases much easily

The middle shade comes closest but the material of MY shanket is much, much softer and smoother

HE HEHE EHEHEHEHE k i sound so obsessed with this piece of cloth srsly one entire paragraph dedicated to my shanket ahem k let’s move on

Anyway, i sincerely wish i was born a thoughtful person like my boyfriend and some of my close friends but i’m really not.

I had a terrible headache earlier tonight which wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t like a migraine or anything, just a very dull throbbing in my temples. I couldn’t even switch off the lights because my dressing table light has gone out so it was either pitch black or blinding lights so instead i chose to just shield my eyes and clutch at my forehead. It’s almost gone now so i guess i should finish watching Jamie then go to sleep!

God, i can’t get over how bimbotic i sound in this post