#BeautyTalk– Purple balls

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I’m sure every girl goes through a different phase every once in a while, whether it be the internal struggle between loving and hating Birkenstocks, the unending quest for the perfect highlighter or even just deciding whether blonde is really your color. Sometimes it ends up being a permanent fixture in your day to day wardrobe because you end up loving it so much and sometimes it is what it is– a phase. But one thing’s for sure, once I get stuck in that bubble, there’s no denying that i just get borderline obsessed with whatever it is.

I’m currently going through a purple phase– as in purple blush, purple lipstick, purple eyeshadow, i could go on forever. Purple usually isn’t on top of my go-to list of colours but lately…just UNF.

1) “Dirty Plum” from MAC’s Give Me Liberty of London collection

I went on a rampage on Luxola.com (which is an amazing website with amazing shipping rates) i came across some Sleek blushes and there was this stunning slight bright lilac colour which just set my heart beating. But upon further research, i found out that it was just a really inaccurate photo on the website which turned out to be really pink irl. K. But i persevered in my search for the perfect purple-toned blush and found MAC Dirty Plum from their Give Me Liberty of London line! Doesn’t it feel so Maleficent-ish? As in the original Maleficent, not Jolie Maleficent #villainsftw

Although i do feel like in the wrong hands, one could end up looking quite bruised up with such a deep colour, especially on lighter skin tones but i trust myself to be able to carry it off. Lol

2) MAC’s Pure Heroine lipstick + Revlon’s matte balm stain in Shameless

I feel like purple lipstick is much, much harder to pull off in comparison to blush and eyeshadow (which you have a better chance of controlling) just because once you put it on, it’s right there! Especially with pigmented lipcolor, there’s really no toning it down. Either you pull it off or you don’t, all or nothing. I suppose one could layer a lighter or shimmery lipgloss over it but really, what’s the point? Since M.A.C. stores are non-existent around here (and this purple craze didn’t start until after i got back from my vacations T.T such wasted opportunities!), i resorted to Revlon’s matte balm in Shameless which is a pretty close dupe and so much more accessible with it being available in every drugstore.

Pigmented. Affordable. Accessible. Smooth asf. 10/10. I’m really into this collection, y’guys


I would say that i’m pretty adventurous when it comes to my personal sense of style, like when it comes to clothes, shoes and makeup. But i feel like for me, this purple is probably the furthest i’d go. Black is not a color i’d ever choose to have on my lips unless there’s ever an occasion that calls for it. But since i’m not into death metal, probably not ever. Although I have yet to try bright lilac or neon pink but it’s only a matter of time! I’m really, really digging Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday”!


3) Bermuda Shorts Essie

Lastly, the easiest to pull off without batting an eyelid and worrying that you’re coming off too goth are nail polishes. My entire life, i’ve always leaned more towards darker colours especially when it comes to nails but in the past few years (idk post-teenage angst perhaps?) i’ve started to develop different tastes. For example, i’m much more of a matured pastel sort of girl as opposed to neons (yuck), i’ve sworn off blue for good (mostly because i realised that it makes one look like a crack whore, especially when it begins to chip off) and nudes are always, always in my good books. So instead of going for a plum shade (which tbh i have three different bottles of), lately i’m feeling more of a lighter purple such as Essie’s Bermuda Shorts.

Illamasqua’s Stance is pretty similar but idk it just seems much more juvenile to me (does that make sense? Okay let’s pretend it does) while Essie’s has a slightly pink undertone to it making it softer yet still unique.


Are they all not just swoon worthy? Maybe i’ll look back in a few months time and cringe that i ever considered wearing purple lipstick. Sigh. I’m not a makeup expert or a beauty guru but daaamn. What i would give to have all the purple makeup in the world right now. Not my soul or anything but pretty. damn. close.