I’ve got as many hours in a day as Yonce

by alittlehoneyformyheart

And sometimes it takes more than a kick on the bottom to remind me that. I finally ran all my errands this afternoon and it felt amaaazing to finally be done with some of the things that i’ve been dreading for the past month or so such as:

  • Went to the police station to report my missing “A” level certificate.

Reason for procrastination: I don’t know if this was irrational of me but i was just uncomfortable with the idea of me heading to the police station on my own. It’s not exactly the ideal place for a young woman to  be seen at, is it? I’ve been putting it on hold for the past month and a half before actually dragging my feet there, mostly because i was waiting for someone to accompany me. Plus, a trip to the po-po station isn’t exactly on top of my list of favourite recreational activities.

Actual event: Wasn’t bad at all to be completely honest. Wasn’t even much of a hassle which was great, plus i found the right place on my first try fortunately allowing me to avoid the whole process of roaming around and bumping into criminals and horny policemen and God forbid, accidentally walking into a lockup or something. K. Have i been watching too much Orange is The New Black? Yes. Yes, i have. All in all it took me 20 minutes or so for them to write out a report and the officers were really helpful! This officer even got me a chair from the other room because none of the men offered me theirs. Yay! Totes a pleasant experience. ALTHOUGH when i first got there i parked into the first spot available which was next to this white minivan. But just as i was nicely parking into the spot, i noticed someone staring at me from the passenger seat of the next car T.T And it wasn’t just a casual look, it was long, lustful and lingering look from some skinny creep with crazy eyes. Yeah needless to say i backed the fuck out of that parking slot. Creyes

  • Sent aforementioned report to the Ministry of Education

Reason for procrastination: Come on. We all have dealt with government offices at some point in our adult lives and everyone knows exactly just how bureaucratic and dragged out shit can be. Often, you’ll find yourself making multiple trips to whichever government office it is you’re liaising with, only to be sent home because you haven’t brought the right documents (which you weren’t told to bring in the first place), or the relevant person is on an extended lunch break or on vacation or it’s tea time which takes just about as long.

Actual event: It was pretty okay as well! I went in, a man asked me what i wanted, i told him and it turns out that he was just the person i was looking for. He was friendly, chatted, told me to fill in a form and asked me a few questions which led to us talking about his daughter who happens to be in my year at my uni as well! He told me he’d call me in two days so we’ll see. But either way, the entire thing could have been worse. He could have been rude and curt, or i could have been passed from reluctant officer to reluctant officer for hours but yayyy

  • Picked up my certificates

Reason for procrastination: 1) My friend’s place where my certs are being kept is pretty far from mine and i’m rarely around that area since it’s near uni (and it’s summer break at the moment) making it half an hour away. 2) Time and time again i say this, i communicate well with people. I know it, my friends know it. I can hold a conversation and i can make people laugh. But you won’t believe just howwww much effort it sucks up from me. It exhausts me, it tires me, i avoid talking to strangers or people i’m not close to if i can. And if i do make the first move, it’s only because there’s no escape and avoiding that person would be too obvious. I’m not anti-social and i do like socializing at the right time but i hate doing it out of obligation.

Actual event: It was quick and painless. Enjoyable even, just because my friend’s mum who answered the door was so friendly. She was just the right level of talkative without droning on and on and on.


All in all, all of it took me just above an hour or so to complete! Words cannot describe my relief, y’guys. Lol kay i’m talking as if i’ve just completed a lifelong bucket list. But hello, i’m on summer break, it’s only natural that my daily routine has bit the dust. But i just felt like blogging about my daily life since most of my posts revolve about my inner thoughts and such. That’s all! I hope to be posting more in the new few days.