Big Appetite

by alittlehoneyformyheart

For those of you who know me, the title is probably a no-brainer because there is no denying the fact that this girl can eat her weight in food. That is a fact. Sometimes people try to analyse that fact, to break it down in the hopes of finding a proper explanation behind my eating habits. But at the end of the day, other than boredom (from living here; i swear the urge to eat is never that strong when i’m abroad) and eating my emotions out (i binge the most when i’m happy and out with friends creyes), i genuinely have a love for food.

But oh my God, within the past week my appetite has just gone through the bloody roof ! It’s just a non-stop urge to eat and eat and eat and never stop. It’s almost that time of the month since my boobs are pretty sore already (t.m.i. but let’s be cool about it) but this is just mad. No matter how full i insist that i am on carbonara pasta or wet egg noodles or a hamburger, if you put a combo plate of shoestring fries and onion rings in front of me, i’d still have room for it.

And 20 minutes later as i’m dragging my feet groaning about how full i am, if we walk by a bubble tea shop, i will still consider getting bubble tea. FFS

It’s currently almost six in the morning and i am literally counting down the hours til everyone gets out of bed to go to work and school and wherever, just so i can head to the kitchen and cook my favourite udon ramen in peace. Simultaneously, i’m also very strongly considering driving out on my own to buy myself some murtabak later today.

In a nutshell, current cravings include:

  • Pizza hut’s pizza
  • Sushi (by default, pizza and sushi will always on the top of my list)
  • Indian food (particularly roti kosong with red non-spicy chutney and chicken curry)
  • Onion rings (also by default)
  • French fries
  • Charcoal’s pulled ribs burgers
  • Pancakes with lots and lots of maple syrup

Oh, period, for fuck’s sake, just arrive already, you miserable bastard.