#BeautyTalk– My Lips Like Sugar

by alittlehoneyformyheart

No, actually. Fucking far from it, to be honest.

Referring to an earlier post regarding my recent skin type change, things have gotten from irritating to worst especially in the lip area. I’ve never had any problems whatsoever before since i religiously slather on basic Vaseline every night but eughhh these dry patches on my cupid’s bow and the left corner of my lower lips just itch like crazy and refuse to disappear. I peel the flakes off and still they refuse to budge! AHHHHHH

Recently, i’ve been gushing over the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms like mad and i’ve swooped up three (in Elusive, Shameless and Standout). But you and I both know that there really is nothing more unpleasant to see (and feel) than dried out matte lipsticks on wrinkly lips that are flaking in the corners and at the same time, you obviously don’t want to add a gloss over the top because that would just ruin the whole look. So it just absolutely sucks that i can’t relish the whole experience comfortably.

K getting a bit too emotional over lips.

I just got home after an entire day of stubbornly wearing my Standout shade out and about (about 9 hours altogether) and since my skin is currently taking a break from my usual skin care regimen, instead of double cleansing like i usually do, i opted to just stick to a single cleanse and rely solely on my Neutrogena cleansing oil. I’ve also developed a bad habit of gnawing at my lips only just because it irritates and itches me so badly to the point where they’ve been chewed on so raw that it seems and feels like there is literally one thin layer of skin left on my lips. Putting on lip balm has become nearly impossible what with having to reapply every ten minutes mostly because there is NOTHING left for it to cling on. There is nothing but a shiny, smooth, raw surface left of my very virgin lips. WOW

I’ve been alternating lip balms a lot according to how it feels but the past few days i’ve settled for slathering on Vaseline’s Advanced Formula Lip Therapy only because it promises to heal and relieve chapped lips. Sigh. I suppose there’s been a 10 percent slight improvement but i still have to apply it more than i’d like to. But for desperate times like these, i still cling unto my Avene Cold Cream lip balm but merely due its thicker consistency that won’t slide around and into my mouth and disappear within minutes. Not that it helps much.

Oh dear. That’s all.