Superficial Skin Update

by alittlehoneyformyheart

My boyfriend and I went on a road trip for the long weekend yesterday and it was amazing! I bought tons of mask packs because I’ve been wanting to get proper masks that come in tubs and tubes rather than sheet masks. Idk I just find sheet masks (the cloth ones) annoying, boring and messy because formula just drips all over your arms when you take them out but on the other hand, it feels like such a waste to wring most of it out.

But, on the other hand, I am such a sucker for hydrogel masks! Someone gave me the Cel-derma Ideal Hydrogel Mask Pack to try a while back and omg…I just…wow. Hands down the best sheet mask that I’ve ever tried. With the eye mask, it literally felt like my face was getting tighter and firmer within minutes! GAHD. Plus for some reason I usually trust masks that make you wait for 45 minutes as opposed to masks that boast results within 10-15 minutes. It just seems more worth it!

My skin has officially and successfully changed types from oily to dry within months. I absolutely love it because I worry less about acne and I can try out nice hydrating products which make my skin look dewy and shizz. Plus, I’d rather have dry skin than oily skin because there’s nothing that a good rich moisturizer (i’m currently using Body Shop’s Vitamin E nourishing night cream) and some lovely face oils and oil-based serums (the Primrose E Radiant Skin Serum from Garden of Eden is alright but i alternate with my usual Bio Oil serum) can’t fix.

The only trouble is that my lips have dried up as well! Creyes. Before this, I never needed any lip balm whatsoever because there was nothing Vaseline couldn’t fix every night before bed. But homaigod for months now, there’s been a terribly dry patch on my upper lip that itches and irritates the hell out of me because on bad days it shows when I’m wearing lipstick (I especially favour matte lipsticks so that sucks big time). Also some days I wake up and it feels like my lips are raw because the protective layer has gotten so thin lately. Thank God it hasn’t resorted to flaking because that would just be horrendous. It even hurts when i purse my lips together 😦 I recently bought the Cold Cream lip balm from Avene only because it promises to “relieves and aides in the healing of dry, chapped skin” and it says it’s suitable for “dry to very dry lips”. But alas, naht really. I’ve been using it religiously for the past four days and my lips are still pretty dry! Someone online said that it cured a sore on the side of her mouth (?) by the next morning but it really didn’t do anything for me. Smells like buttercream vanilla ice cream though!

Being more mindful of my skin for the past few months, I’ve been laying off cigarettes almost completely because it causes premature aging but also because I read in an article that when you smoke, you tend to purse your lips together hence causing premature mouth wrinkles. Gasp. I find that wrinkles and white hair becomes my boyfriend and most boyish men generally, but I don’t welcome it at all!

But other than that, having dry skin is a breeze. My face feels tight especially when I twitch my nose but nothing that slathering on lotion won’t repair. I find that the world of skin care is much more friendly and accommodating for people with dry skin with its “hydrating”, “moisturizing”, “dewy” products as opposed to having to search high and low for products catering to oily skin that actually work!