Excuses Schmexcuses

by alittlehoneyformyheart

In true procrastinator fashion, this post was written over a week ago and dragged out incessantly since then. Lol

I know i said i resolved to write something everyday and for the past week or so i haven’t been abiding to that promise. Buttttt i had to write two articles for my last week at College Fashionista as a Style Guru and that sort of sucked the winds out of my sails. Lol okay as a person aspiring to make a career out of writing in some way, obviously it sounds ridiculous that writing two teensy articles would take up so much effort on my part. Sigh. But it did.

Plus i’ve been going out so much lately! It’s just at that stage when everyone is just getting settled into their breaks and finally getting into the groove of their plans. Which happens to be catching up with Sheyenne before they fly off for their respective vacation getaways.

I, on the other hand, am raising questions all around as to where my next holiday destination is now that i’m finally on actual break and won’t have to miss classes or deadline submissions. Keeping in mind that i’ve been  to Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok and KL in the span of five months, i guess it’s a semi reasonable question.


Lolz. Seriously.

And to be absolutely completely toe-stubbingly honest…i actually quite relish the idea of hermiting myself up at home with no interruptions so i can put my writing skills to work and see what good comes out of it.

This vacation is all about personal self-recovery where i do what i enjoy, what i love, what i’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance to just because i didn’t have the time to but not only that. It’s also about doing what i’m uncomfortable with doing, what i never thought i’d do (especially in terms of writing), expanding my horizons by stepping out of my comfort zone. Just stuff like that.

It sounds ironic considering i just said that i want to hermit myself up at home so i can do all these…soul searching and self-fulfillment activities, if you can call them that.

K. That’s it, really! I’m defo going to have to push myself harder to post on a more normal basis though. Til then!