by alittlehoneyformyheart

Oh dear. So today has been a semi-unproductive day so far which goes against my philosophy for the entire upcoming summer break and all that i have planned for it.

I wrote a draft for my article which i have to submit by midnight tonight. Ate some nasty tomato beef stew which eugh tasted so uninspiring with some white rice (shit). Watched The Nanny. Completed my draft and uploaded my photos. Got ready to go out which didn’t happen because i got bored by the idea halfway through getting ready.

Took a nap half-naked in the living room while reading Wuthering Heights (no one was home obvs). Ate some almonds. Got annoyed with some 40 year old virgin who’s been getting on my last nerve for the past few weeks. And here i am writing this now as some sad attempt at expressing myself and just doing something.

My phone’s alarm has been ringing for the past five minutes and i’m so annoyed at how it sounds. Seriously. It sounds like a dead Furby butler who’s trying to wake me up and whose head i just want to throw a shoe at. It’s so low and monotonous that i actually can’t be arsed to switch it off. But what’s annoying me is that that’s my alarm and it thinks it can wake me up. And who the fuck even set it to that tone? GOD

Yeah. Today’s just one those days. As you can see.



Yeah i’ll say it again. Fuck.

Let’s hope tonight will be better considering my brain only starts going into hyperdrive after one in the morning.

And i’m half an hour late to meet my boyfriend and i haven’t even left the house yet.

Another fuck.

Just going to spritz on some cheap Charlie perfume, put on my man loafers, jump into the car and jam to some Jay-Z and Kanye on the way there and hope to God this jadedness is just temporary.