“The Most Important Things Are The Hardest to Say”

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So the third movie i’ve watched as part of my “summer movie marathon” is “Stuck In Love”. It’s about love (obviously), writing (which was coincidental and in my next few posts you’ll find out why) and family ties which are less than stellar, all of which i can more than identify with at this point in time. But before i launch into things, Jennifer O’conell and Lily Collins in one movie? UM WOAH BEAUTIFUL BROWS GALORE. They legit look like mother and daughter!

While there is some level of light comedy in it, it delved into deeper topics throughout its length which i didn’t really expect because uh i kind of fancied myself being on a “drama-comedy” roll since the first two movies (i.e. The Way Way Back and It’s a Funny Story) made a good job out of it. But it made me cry at the end and for those of you who know me well, you may be familiar with my own personal rating system which i use to rate movies by how much they make me cry (10 being me lying in a fetal position on the bed ten minutes later and 1 being a sniffle).

There’s this scene where Rusty (played by Natt Wolf from the Naked Brothers’ Band- SAY WHUTTT he’s so grown up!) gets a call from Stephen King who’s his ultimate favourite author and he mentions a line from the book by King called “The Body” which goes “the most important things are the hardest to say”.

That made me smile to myself because i’m always telling my boyfriend that he doesn’t love me enough (which is just a ploy because i know he loves me like crazy). It’s because whenever i ask him how much he loves me, he always seems at a loss for words to which i’ll- partially jokingly- get into a huff because i always think that he’s not trying hard enough to articulate it or that he’s not racking his brains to the full extent.

So when i heard the line it just rang a bell in me. Past flings or lovers have all managed to come up with better answers to my age-old question “what do you love about me?” or “how much do you love me?” -and to those of you who are wondering, why, yes i happen to be one of those girls! #sorrynotsorry

But now thinking about it i’ve come to the realization that there’s really no good answer to that question. If the tables were turned, the best that i’d probably be able to come up with would be something along the lines of “if there was a tsunami, the first thought that comes to my head would be you”.

…yeah. Feeling kind of hypocritical right now tbh because i probably wouldn’t have accepted that answer by a long shot. Hahaha

But the point is, at the end of the day, pretty words, songs and poems can only get you so far. When it all comes down to it, despite being the least eloquent out of the boys i’ve been involved with in all my years, the man i’m with now has done the best job of loving me out of all.

So it is true then. “The most important things are the hardest to say”. Because where would you even begin?