It’s… Kind of a Funny Story

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Since i just officially began my summer holidays yesterday afternoon, i’ve started on my movie marathon which is totes up there on my holiday bucket list. To kick it off, i was watching “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story” (just because Emma Roberts duh #obsessed) and i absolutely looved it. For the same reasons that Marian Keyes is officially my favourite writer which is because her novels are always light-hearted and funny yet it has meat in it and it goes beneath the surface just enough to leave a good impression on you. And they’re always really thick which is a bonus when you love something so much.

“It’s Kind Of A Funny Story” is actually drama-comedy about a boy, Craig, who checks himself into a mental ward because he feels that he’s depressed even if no one actually takes his claims seriously. He meets all sorts of characters in there, including Noelle who’s played by Emma Roberts.

My absolute favourite scene in the movie was probably the Beaver scene where Noelle and Craig race to the arts and crafts session and the instructor asks the class what they think Craig should draw and Humble innocently answers, “How about beavers?”

Instructor: Humble, we don’t draw the beavers that you’re talking about.

Humble: Oh…*looks confused* really…?

BEAVERInstructor: Oh that’s… actually nice. I thought it was going to be a vagina…that’s nice.

BAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA idk i just sort of gasped at this moment.

K you just sort of have to watch it for yourself to see why.