by alittlehoneyformyheart

Sometimes i catch myself being immersed in what i think is a really bad habit, from what i’ve heard as well as from a logical sense.

Sometimes i look at someone’s pictures on instagram or facebook and i subconsciously think to myself “wow, i want to be happy like that too”. And it’s actually just a nice picture of someone having a good day or eating at some nice, fancy restaurant or having icecream.

Then i catch myself and i remember what one of my closest friends told me when i confessed to something like this, “Never compare your reality to another person’s highlight reel”. Useful advice that i try to always keep in mind when moments like this pop up.

I just have to tell myself over and over again that my time will come in the near future and even if i’m still gearing up to live the life i want, that doesn’t mean i can’t find happiness in another way in the meantime.

What other people do doesn’t matter because if i try to emulate what other people have, at the end i’ll just have a carbon copy of what i think is another person’s happiness (which may or may not have even been the case anyway, filters do really make a difference hahaha). And who knows, these may be the prime years of their lives, for all anyone may know they may actually lead really sucky lives and careers in the future. K bitchay not that i’m wishing it on them or anything hahaha

I need to find what makes me tick and i need to be grateful for what i have. I can’t spend my days prepping myself up for “my future life” and let my present slip away just like that. Only to look back and find out that all along i was living out “the good ol’ days” and i never knew it, instead i willed it all away for an indeterminable future.

So thank you, God, for blessing me with the life i have now. It may not be picture perfect all the time but where it lacks in some areas, it makes up by being irreplaceable in others.