Skin Update: A Terribly Dry Spell

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i’ve been going through a strong beauty phase recently, as in i’ve been in and out of beauty blogs/vlogs/videos etc. for weeks and weeks on end! It’s not like i don’t already do this on a normal basis but lately it’s been more intense than usual. I’m going to say that it has something to do with the fact that i’ve finally had my first taste of a proper skin care regime. Because usually i buy one product and i stick with it until it finishes and only then do i buy a new one. But lately i’ve been building my collection up which means i have more variety which equals to more chances to experiment and to get to know my skin better.

Unfortunately i’ve also gotten familiar with the common woes of beauty hoarders all around- so little face so many products to try on. Sigh.

Lately i have been going through an INTENSE dry spell on my face! Although i am glad to say that it has been a considerably long time a.k.a. months since i last broke out 😀 I mean other than the odd few pimples, everything has been unusually smooth going (and i actually waited for a month before i could truly say that for sure!).

However, eugh EUUUGH it feels so dry! I guess i really should have some pictures for you guys but 😦 i’m so not up to posting pictures here yet but hopefully soon! I have combination skin which means that my complexion can get really oily but if i overdo on the oil stripping products it can get really dehydrated and start flaking really fast.

I usually don’t notice that much when my skin breaks out but this time- you could literally see this thin layer of skin on my cheeks creasing near my nose whenever i smiled. And i’m only freaking 21. They aren’t wrinkles, more like…creases that need to be ironed out. It looks as if there’s rice paper on my face! I was sitting in my boyfriend’s car the other day and okay, God knows i love my aircon and all, but i just could not stand the sensation of it blowing on my face, everything just felt so tight and almost irritated.

So all in all, my face has been on the drier end, HOWEVER, plot twist! I honestly feel that this is better than breaking out because in a way it’s so much easier to treat dehydrated skin and to take it into your own hands rather than trying to heal sensitive and acne ridden skin.

Okay you know what, i will take a picture of my skin soon if it’s still dry and creasy and i’ll update it here along with a new post with the products i’m using at the moment! I suppose i shouldn’t post this yet since i might update it tomorrow but i can’t help it! I miss blogging! And this space needs some urgent loving! 

Til tomorrow!