#BeautyTalk– Getting Unready

by alittlehoneyformyheart

On my trip to Bangkok two weeks ago, it goes without saying that i went beauty crazy at Boots! I think it’s wonderful that Thailand has their own Boots while the rest of us (a.k.a. Bruneians) have to make do with our paltry drugstore supply from Guardian and Paloma. 3000 baht and 45 minutes later i emerged armed with skincare products to last me…about two months. I’m feeling a mini haul post tbh but i just haven’t gotten around to it. I feel so sleepy all the freaking time! 😥

So i was watching a video by Chloe Morello, another fabulous beauty guru i discovered a few nights ago (i know i know it seems like it was only yesterday i was professing my undying love for Amelia Liana! I know, i’m so unfaithful!) and i came across her “Get Unready with Me” video.

I love the whole process of removing makeup and making sure your skin is purified and clean after a whole day of covering it in beauty junk. I have to confess I didn’t always appreciate the hassle but after upping my skincare inventory, it’s only expected that i want to put all those products to full use!

But okay assuming you’ve watched it, tell me i wasn’t the only one astounded that she didn’t use any water at all. AND i’m not talking about micellar water, i’m talking about actual water from a sink. Is this normal? It never occurred to me that some people actually believe that removal wipes do a complete job of removing grime. Also, what about the strong chemicals that makeup removers contain which help dissolve the particles? Do you not need to wash that off along with the remnants of dissolved makeup that slide around your face during the whole wiping process? :/

What i usually like to do is if i’m wearing only light makeup, i use my No7 cleansing water for normal/oily skin on a cotton disque and then double cleanse with water after. But when i’m piling the warpaint on obviously only an oil-based makeup remover will do the job along with a wipe or some cleansing cream applied straight to the face. But no matter what the process is never complete without a proper rinse with water after :O

Now i’m obviously no beauty guru but this is just my two cents on the whole cleansing wipe fiasco. A few youtubers and bloggers have condemned wipes to beauty purgatory but in my opinion, they’re a godsend! Provided you, say it with me, double cleanse with water after.

Ta-daah here are some pictures of water to convince you if you haven’t already been convinced