Fashion Journalism FTW

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I probably should have posted this much earlier but i really wasn’t up for blogging at the beginning of the year (albeit it being a part of my resolutions) but now that i’ve started going again, i hope this time it’s for good! Blogging is so much fun and it really stimulates me and provides an outlet for all my thoughts. It took me about 5 consecutive tweets about a particular topic and a whole lot of summarising (which i hate) to make me realize that….deep down, the writer in me is still fighting to stay alive. So why force myself to condense everything into a 150 characters when i have my blog to write in to my heart’s delight! And ta-dah here i am!

So i never mentioned it anywhere on here but i write fashion articles at College Fashionista as well! It’s an online fashion website focussed mainly on college students and every week i go scouting for fashionable students around campus as well as outside. At the beginning, i predicted that i’d be writing on fashionable females most of the time but, boy, was i wrong. I feel like half the time i’m writing about guys as well which is really quite surprising because i had no idea that guys were getting so stylish right underneath my nose! But what’s even more surprising is that I really have so much fun photographing them and even writing about them because i never had any prior interest whatsoever in men’s fashion. This week’s subject is no exception:


I love coming up with quirky, punny titles for my articles! My articles come out every Monday at 10am EST under the Style Advice Of The Week column so be sure to check them out at this link (you can just search “University of Brunei Darussalam” or even just “Brunei”, i’m proud to say that i am the first ever Bruneian Style Guru for College Fashionista!).

Enjoy! 😉