There’s A Haul In My Heart

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So today i spent the entire day doing what i felt was a little bit of everything- which makes me feel really good! I like being productive with a great outcome at the end of the day, especially if i get to fit in some leisurely activities while i’m at it. So i spent seven hours just sorting out my clothes rack which is about… 1/6 of my room- so sue me!

But I take pride in those seven hours because in between that, i got my nails done, shaped my brows, wrote my first blog post here in months and… watched tons and tons of beauty videos yayyyyyy meeeee

Getting plastered on youtube probably isn’t anyone’s idea of being productive but it just makes me feel so knowledgeable after i do and it inspires me as well. And if you need further proof of that, please read this paragraph ^ again.

Delving further into youtube videos, I find that certain beauty gurus such as essiebutton, Amelia Liana and itsjudytime emanate a glow within them when they’re talking about beauty products. I don’t know about you but just watching all that makeup and skin care products just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i guess it’s how my little sister feels when she watches Princess Sophia the First. Hmm. I love beauty gurus who know their thang and it’s even better when they’re all sweet and bubbly and pretty and nice, sort of like your best friends that you’ve never met before. Sigh

Some times when i need a break from watching beauty hauls, i diverge into clothing hauls. It’s so weird that people actually go shopping and then post videos of what they bought online for strangers to watch. But it’s even weirder when these strangers actually want to watch them. Personally, it’s nothing to do with the voyeuristic qualities (save that for the vlog watchers!) but more for the love of everything beautiful in a lady’s world! You want to share what you’ve got, you want to put it out there for the world to see! And as viewers, even if you already have the products or you don’t, it’s all about squeezing every bit of satisfaction and information that you can get about that lipstick or lip polish or lip balm stain or lip lacquer or lip gloss or lip glass or lipglaze or lip pencil or lip crayon! AHHHHH

Okay. I’m starting to sound insane. Before i completely go off the hook, i’m going to end here with some of my favourite videos from today!

I know i mentioned her earlier but i literally just discovered Amelia Liana today and from this video! Haven’t stopped watching her for the past 4 hours. Also, Essie is my absolute favourite beauty vlogger of all time. She always just looks so radiant and pastel-ly in her videos! Ahh ❤