Dress Me Down, Darling

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i was watching some videos from Clothes Encounter’s Jenn Im and there was one titled “Toning Down Bold Pieces”. It just got me thinking of how suffocated I am- style wise- in this community. If Jenn Im (who lives in California) feels the need to tone down her faux fur coats, then what about me?! There are days where even my cardigans feel too dressy! It’s just a very unstimulating environment where everyone dresses mainly for comfort, other than a small minority of people who still bother to follow a colour scheme. Although i must add, i can’t exactly blame them because a) Brunei isn’t exactly fashion central, it’s not like we have fashion shows and glamorous dinner parties to attend every night and b) THIS. Read it and weep.

I personally feel that as a result of this my personal style is dwindling down to much safer and conservative pieces, which is heart wrenching considering my fantasy of making a career out of the fashion industry at some point in my life! Oh well. I’ll try to fight this darkness… by giving my outfit more thought than usual for tomorrow! It’s a start, right?

Here’s the video i was watching (on an unrelated note, i don’t think she did a good job of toning down that faux fur jacket, if anything, she sort of made a parade out of it with that hat. It’s a good look but it doesn’t exactly define “toned down”, does it?):