Crazy things menstruation does to me #2

by alittlehoneyformyheart

My bum**** hurts.

Like it burns really badly.

And it’s all thanks to the female curse that Eve bestowed upon us when she decided that she wanted to werk those leaves instead of walking around in her birthday suit (okay lol no it’s actually because she ate the forbidden fruit i know that please God don’t send lightning down on me). I’m talking about my period and how much i hate it (although God forbid it suddenly stops one day for an unknown reason…).

But yeah, back to my bum! The stupid cotton pad is really unbreathable i guess and i think it creates a moist atmosphere down south hence the bottom rash! 😥 Not to mention the lava…flowing down the valley and into the well? YEAH OKAY THE POINT IS MY BUTT REALLY HURTS. Like, i can’t even lay down without it burning! FTS.

I know logically speaking i should apply baby powder but THIS HOUSE HAS NO BABY POWDER! Eugh. So tired of the unscratchable rash, i rummaged through my dresser and found… an old bottle of glitter face powder in bottle form. It’s no Agnesia but okay! I was actually really hoping to find the cooling powder which comes in a blue bottle with a white Christmas scene printed on it with kids and a snowman ice skating 😦 BUT K THIS WILL DO BETTER THAN NOTHING, RIGHT

So ta-dah! I didn’t take a look but my bum**** is officially sparkly and glittery! Take that, unicorns!