Say “Bloody Face”!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I haven’t be posting in the past few weeks, not because i was too busy (although there was that one intense week with the AIPA event) because duh it was the mid-sem break for about two weeks and once the good  lazy times started rolling there was no turning back. But it wasn’t completely unfruitful! For one, i headed to the library a few times to get some work done because no way was there any chance of me being a functioning member of society from the comfort of my home which was great (although the noise level just about murdered my ear drums). Now the semester has started and things are rolling back into gear again which is good, i actually feel much better after writing my first essay of the semester. It just make it feel so much more prepared for my other assignment and i feel more in touch with my writing skills again.

Anyhow, one of my favourite, favourite TV shows of last year was American Horror Story!

American Horror Story: Murder House

I loved every single bit of it, from the plot lines, the twists, the morbidity, the music, just everything (there were a few gory parts in there but i was willing to overlook it because it was just that good) so naturally when the second season came out, i was just as excited if not more. Even when i found out that the story line would be completely different! Until i saw the trailer. I only saw one (i heard there were 10, i only managed one) and that was enough to scare the living daylights out of me for months. Like, i completely halted in my tracks and did a 180. I’d like to think of myself as someone who’s not really one to shy away from thrills and chills, especially when there’s a good crowd and a good jibe but if there’s one thing which will get me every single time, it’s blood. I mean, seeing  blood itself say, in a puddle on the floor is pretty icky (wouldn’t everyone say so?) but what really gets to me is seeing how it got there. People don’t get it when i say that but the idea of self mutilation or physical bloody violence is just what my nightmares are made of.

BUT i’ve decided that i’m going to go ahead and watch it. I for one, extremely detest the idea of living life in fear. I really do. I understand that fear is a normal emotion and can even save your life at times but i don’t want to live a live forever second guessing and hesitating. And if i were to let fear get in the way of simple things like watching a show that i actually do want to watch, then who’s to say it won’t stop me from doing bigger things next time just because of my fear of blood? It doesn’t mean that i’m going to be all hippie and shit , i’m still going to be the most paranoid person around when it comes to my safety but yeaa.


UPDATE: I’ve made it through two freaking episodes! They weren’t too bad but seriously, i need to like strap my hands to the sides or something because they seem to find themselves plastered over my eyes every two seconds.  P.s. That scene on top of that chair with Adam Levine is just so mmph. You can strap me to a dentist’s chair whenever and however you want!