Mint; a shanaynay’s new best friend

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Once upon a time mint ice cream was one of my top five ice cream flavours along with vanilla, corn, honeydew and rainbow.

And then I stopped being disgusting.

Actually what really happened was that someone saw me eating my mint ice cream cone and wrinkled their nose at it. Before punching them in the face- as that is one of my biggest pet peeves (find out more in my upcoming post! TEEHEE)- I asked them why.

“Eugh doesn’t it just taste like you’re eating an entire ball of toothpaste?”

Cue aforementioned ice cream cone landing on the floor with a resonating thud signifying the crashing of my world.

I never looked at mint flavoured things the same way again.


(F.Y.I. guys reading this may be a wee bit grossed out but i honestly think that your manly…manhood would benefit from it just as well, even if it does say “feminine” on the packaging. TRUST ME. Or…not. Perhaps i should do a test run first with my boyfriend hmm)

So i finally got around to buying new shampoo for my uh shanaynay. And let me just say that my shanaynay feels so freaking great as a result that i cannot even do anything but type this out with a grin on my face and the south pole in my underwear. I’m talking about this:

Usually when performing my monthly drugstore run, i literally dash through the aisles with all the awkward products (see: paper thin green tea scented panty liners and extra long overnight pads which are virtually cotton skateboards sans the wheels)  and basically swipe the first thing i see without stopping to ponder first whether i’d really prefer my shanaynay (or miss V as my boyfriend’s sister calls it) to smell like a Passionate Bloom or a Summer Blossom. But this time, i thought i’d spend a second or two looking around for a change (and to actually find out the difference between a Passionate Bloom and a Summer Blossom, i mean come on, how many different ways are there to sell your consumers a flower scented vajayjay wash?). And upon contemplation, i decided i’d go for the pH care “Cool Wind” intimate wash with “ActiveCool” to provide a cooling effect.

And cool me it did. Oh yeaa

The first time i used it it was like one of those annoying, over exaggerated explosive mouthwash commercials (see again with the toothpaste reference) except it was in real life and i was still in my boyfriend’s toilet with my hand frozen mid-action (pun intended). I loved it. I loved it! The after effect had me feeling all tingly inside, like i had a cool little secret that no one else could take away from me. And it went on and on and on for about 15 minutes after that.

In Brunei’s all round summer weather it is safe to say that, humidity is the bane of all our existences. And with humidity, there comes a lot of unwanted moisture in all the wrong places (i don’t even bat an eyelid at armpit patches anymore- not mine of course, thankfully i do not sweat that much- it’s as common as a bad hair day around here). So with a product like this it basically ensures a cool breeze streaming through your loins even when the whole world is melting like freaky plastic dolls in some budget horror movie. But nu-uh, NAT DIS GURL!