Reasons why i love my boyfriend (Puke worthy read)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

A stealthy warrior doth not make the contented girlfriend, said…Confucius. Or someone. I thought I’d do this post just to remind myself to always be grateful for having him (my boyfriend, not Confucius) in my life no matter how tempted my fingers are to wrap themselves around his skinny neck. Here goes. I love him because:

  1. Because he listens to me whenever I begin my numerous rants with “NO ONE LOVES ME AT HOMEEEE” or “NO ONE CARES FOR ME BUT YEEEEEEEEEW” or “I ONLY HAVE YOU IN LIFE AND NO ONE ELSEEEEEE”.
  2. Because he showers me with little tiny kisses on my forehead that tickles and gives me goosebumps.
  3. Opposites attract. Because he’s so unselfish and so so generous towards me, it completely counteracts my selfishness and shallow qualities.
  4. He’s almost always guaranteed to be the first person to be there for me when I’m in trouble. HE’S LIKE MUTHEREFFIN’ SUPERMAN.
  5. He likes being the little spoon. Which I find pretty annoying because eugh I’M supposed to be the dainty little spoon but I can’t help but find it endearing when we cuddle and his head disappears because he’s curled up into a tiny ball.
  6. He’s a mama’s boy which means that he respects women and is naturally frightened of them. MWAHAHAHAHAHA okay not really “frightened” but it means that he’s used to domineering females.
  7. He calls me his “princess” when I’m in a bad mood and need cheering up.
  8. Sometimes when I’m throwing one of my ridiculous fits, he looks at me in amusement and tells me he loves me because I’m spoilt like a little child which makes me feel cute and go all disgustingly pouty and stamp-y foot. But only sometimes. It doesn’t work all the time.
  9. He talks too. Damn. Much. It’s so annoying because people are always telling me that he’s such a quiet guy and that they can never hear him when he speaks because he’s so soft spoken. And then I want to strangle him because at times, I am deafened by the sheer loudness of his voice and laughter. Yeah I’m not sure why this is a reason.
  10. His lips curl up in the most adorable way at times.
  11. There is a 50/50 chance that if I’m lying down on the couch after eating a bag of popcorn and I’m too lazy to get up and wash my hands, if I ask him to wash my hands for me, there is a 50% likelihood that he will find some way to get my hands clean (be it by using wipes, or dragging me to the toilet). But only 50%. Most of the time I have to settle for licking my fingers clean then wiping it on the couch.
  12. He is the best smelling guy of all time.
  13. He understands the immense importance of carrying baby wipes and tissues and has them in close proximity at all times. Which is great because I think tissues are one of God’s best creations.
  14. He is every girlfriend’s dream come true because he understands that when a girl says “NUUUU GO AWAY I HATE YEWWWWWWW EUUUUUUUGH” and karate chops his arms away, she really wants him to keep on trying even if he ends up with a few battle wounds.
  15. He is the only person in the world who spritzes himself approximately eight times with perfume, baptizes himself with cologne and uses deodorant at any one time before leaving the house.
  16. I love it when i get mad at him and he gets all sheepish and guilty and starts acting like a cat and rubbing his face all over my sweater and then surfaces for air with his sad face.

I added the last one for good measure. I was super mad at him today so i wasn’t sure if i wanted to post this but what the heck. So ta-dah. Eventhough i’m forever rolling my eyes whenever my friends compliment me on our relationship, deep inside i genuinely believe we share (oh wait i don’t share) something good.