Anniversaries and birthdays (…yay…)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

October is coming up real soon. So that means not only am I saving up for December, I am also saving up for this particular month despite my tiny monthly student allowance WHICH I AM STILL EVER SO GRATEFUL FOR, thank you, Sultan! (ahem, please excuse me, my Bruneian roots are showing. You won’t ever meet a local Bruneian who won’t end her bitchy rant against the government with a neutralizing “Although do not get me wrong okay, I am soo thankful that the government is so good to us and that we are privy to so many freebies” or find a way to slip it in somehow during her monologue. JS).

Anyhow, what with October coming, there are just so many consecutive events that it gets sort of tiring thinking up different ways to say “I LOVE YOU DISSSSSSSSS MUCH”! To list out, there is:

a)      My boyfriend’s 27th birthday on the 10th

b)      My  21st birthday on the 2nd

c)       My mum’s birthday on the 29th (this is actually in September but same diff!)

d)      My 2nd year anniversary with my boyfriend on the 29th (now this one is actually on October)

Okay now that I’ve listed it out, I think I’m actually just a crap human being who finds the whole concept of celebrating and giving unfathomable even after 20 years of living. But haay, it may not seem like much but it is on the pocket! L Although I think I’m getting slightly better at this whole giving thing though! Like…this year I actually have an idea of what to give my boyfriend which doesn’t involve:

a)      His favourite chicken wangs that I made my mum make because I am the only person in the universe who finds my cooking edible

b)      An inedible homemade cake which was burnt on the outside and raw on the inside

c)       Cake pops which were falling apart and looked like a unicorn had had sprinkle diarrhea on it. Basically a diabetic’s nightmare.




But but all that’s about to change this year! I’ve actually made a mental list of some things that he’s hinted at (which I will write down in black and white because as soon as I said “mental list” I realized I’d be screwed by October because I’m the type who barely remembers the joke after I’ve finished laughing). Or maybe he’s finally gotten the gist that I am a sucky giver and wants actual proper presents this year. LOL. However, I have a slight inkling that he himself may be completely clueless as to what to give me this year. So far his gifts have consisted of 2 smart phones and one laptop. AND he’s been hinting at getting me another bigger phone this year. At this rate, by our tenth anniversary he’ll be getting me a projector. HAHA. Although God bless him, those are the sweetest gifts I have ever received in my life. He’s just the best boyfriend ever. And I do not deserve him (okay don’t tell him I said that. I’ve trained him to think otherwise).

All I can say is, thank God we’re not one of those couples who celebrate their monthly anniversary because if we were I’d eventually have to resort to *shudders*…making him things.

OH WAIT, I did that last year. Hahahahahahahahahaha *weeps*


P.s. Hi Fiqz!