I miss (easilyavailablealcohol) freedom

by alittlehoneyformyheart

As a native Bruneian who is rather extroverted (in this case, the word “extroverted” here actually means “READY TO PARTAY 24/7 WOOTS WOOTS”), one of the most liberating things about being overseas is the sheer amount of alcohol and cigarettes so readily available and easily accessible anywhere and everywhere.

I love it. I just looove it!

In fact, as an unofficial rule of thumb, whenever i go travelling, i do my best to smoke and drink as much as my body can possibly take (which isn’t that much to be honest lol). I’m not into making an important statement or anything, rather i do it just to embrace the fact that i can. Just because. There are some people who study overseas and start smoking and drinking and then they come back and think that they’re the bee’s knees just because they’ve experienced “life” and aren’t ashamed to blatantly shout it from the rooftops and slip it into every nook and cranny of their monologue. But no. What you’ve just experienced, my friend, is puberty. Welcome.

But let me just say that as a person coming from a country which prohibits almost anything and everything fun (including hard work), it feels amazing to be able to walk into a nice restaurant anytime of the day and order a Martini. Or a Mojito. Or Shirley Temple. And what about those awesome malls which allow you to smoke inside? Those are the freaking bomb.

Which is why whenever i go on vacations, it’s not just about having the time of your life and seeing the world. For me, it’s about sitting down and appreciating life’s simple pleasures that i cannot afford to enjoy in my own country.

Weird looking, nastier tasting drink from Excapade

Weird looking, nastier tasting drink from Excapade~

The other day i had an insatiable craving for a Mojito. In fact, ever since i tried the Watermelon Mojito at a bar in Bangkok, i’ve fallen in love with almost any drink with mint leaves in them! I wouldn’t dub myself as a heavy drinker, in fact, i can rarely tell my alcohols from one or the other but that’s not the point! So anyway, i ordered the nearest thing i could find (would you believe they didn’t even offer a Mojito mocktail!) and i got this ^. Mint lemon tea. It was the single most yuckiest thing i’ve tasted in a very, very long time. Do you know those green liquid medicines that doctors prescribe you when you’ve come down with a bout of the flu? SWEAR TO GOD, it tasted exactly like that. Bleagh

So what i’m trying to say, guys… is… appreciate your rights. And alcohol. And cigarettes. And shishas. But mostly just your rights (provided you are of legal age to do so) to be able to enjoy proper alcoholic drinks and not some syrupy, fake minty concoction, a poor imitation.