The (failed) Cardigan Mission

by alittlehoneyformyheart

It is currently six am and i’m still on my search for the perfect black cardigan. Not just a perfect black cardigan. THE perfect black cardigan. The conservative and equally staple version of the Little Black Dress for someone living in a Muslim country.  Why at the crack of dawn you ask? Well you know what they say about six am being the best time of the day to do something! Heh. Heh.

Okay, not really. I’m sure whoever said that meant 6 a.m. as in after you wake up after a long night’s rest. And not 6 a.m. as in one of the last things you do after your 600th round of level 10 Diner Dash before you finally go to sleep.

So i’m rounding up the cream of the crop and i have come up with three of my absolute favourites. During which you will find out why this mission has failed so miserably this time round.

ASOS Elbow Patch Cardigan

ASOS Elbow Patch Cardigan

Behold this somewhat plain black cardigan from ASOS, made adorable and quirky by the simple addition of elbow patches. Retailing at SGD$48.22 which is just slightly above my currently tight budget! On the other hand, ASOS offers free shipping. But on another hand (okay let’s just say i have three freaking hands okay?!), in accordance to my currently tight purse strings (which i will let draw loose in Jakarta at the end of this year heehehehehheheheheeh)  will i will be able to wear this with everything in my wardrobe? And i mean everything? (I just have a lot of tank tops yo.) I’m not too sure but moving on!

H&M cardigan with "sheepskin-like fabric and satin lining".

Adorable H&M cardigan with “sheepskin-like fabric and satin lining”.

THIS IS ADORABLE! I love it! I would look so kawaii in it! (F.Y.I. there is a black version which i am referring to however, they don’t have a preview of it).  Now down to the nitty gritty. a) It is about $40 past my pre-vacation budget, b) H&M does not offer free shipping.  In fact, it does not offer shipping at all! There’s no online store for it. Sigh, really H&M i is slightly disappoint (although to be quite bloody honest, i’m not too sure even if you did offer international shipping if i would buy this cardigan because i am a cheap skate like that and c) It looks like a freaking sauna for someone living under the freaking equator where summer is persistent throughout the year and humidity is a given. Onwards to my absolute absolute number one favourite. . .

SOMETHING BORROWED- Back Peek A Boo Long Cardigan

SOMETHING BORROWED- Back Peek A Boo Long Cardigan

Look at her. Just look at that Petite bitch, smirking her face off while clutching onto that beautiful piece of rag which should be snuggling my body and keeping me warm through the cold winter nights (aka air conditioned classrooms and strict uni attire restrictions). EUGH. I need it. I want it. And it’s such a steal. Fuck. The only problem is that it’s only available from S-M! Who the hell wears S-M? NAT THIS GIRL! I’m actually of half a mind to order it to be honest. But i don’t even know if i can make it into the freaking M! And i honestly seriously abhor and detest the idea of having to measure myself. Nothing can be worst than knowing my body’s measurements after a non-stop two month binge. FTS.

Fuck this shiet. I just need a freaking black cardigan to cover the pair of baby dolphins hanging at the side of my torso. Is that so hard, life?!