Show(y) girls + How to discourage braggers and boasters

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I find it weird that people find the need to brag to me about irrelevant things or boast about what they’ve been doing and where they’ve been. And trust me, i can definitely one hundred percent tell the difference when someone is being genuinely conversational or just “casually” name dropping the hell out of everything so i don’t know why people even try.

Do you ever feel like a ziplock bag? Because you’re bloody transparent. What would you expect to be the final outcome? That i’d fall to my knees in adoration? That you’d somehow turn into God in my eyes? I just find you increasingly tacky and sad for not being able to hold a proper conversation without showering yourself with self-praise.

I’m a selfish person that way cause if it’s not happening to me- I really, genuinely, sincerely don’t care.

And do i look like a fucking text box to you? Because what you need is a blog.

Lately, i came to the realization that a lot of people i talk to can’t seem to help but brag everytime we hold a conversation with one another. I’m not just talking about one person, or two, i’m talking about a whole bunch of people. And what’s worst is that these people aren’t necessarily strangers to me, a few of them are among my friends and acquaintances who i’ve known for a while now.

Not only does it piss me off to no end, it also disappoints me and makes me sad to think that these people who i consider my friends would think of me as an idiot who needs to look up to them and lap up all of their bullshit. Okay i have two theories about that actually; either they see a follower in me and think i’m an idiot who has potential to look up to them and is likely to eat up all their bullshit OR i seem like someone worth impressing. OR OR i forgot, there’s another one. They’re just sad, lonely people deep inside who need constant approval and are insecure that no one will notice them or give them recognition so that’s why they feel the need to do it themselves. Which also in turn, makes me sad because a) i have to bear the brunt of their insecurities and b) aww my friends are miserable inside.

Although i have this really bitchy technique which i use quite often. I say it’s bitchy because if it is true that they’re really sad people deep inside and not just boastful, egoistical douchebags, then doing this will only make them sadder. Lol. What i do is i actually hype it up MORE than it needs to be so that they have no choice but to pull themselves back down and explain that it’s nothing that big. Like for an example, someone keeps shamelessly and “discreetly” mentioning that they’ve gotten a new car. And i don’t mean like “Omg hey! I got a new car!” because that i can handle, i can even be happy for them. But what i cannot stomach is when they “casually” refer to something so repeatedly to the point where you absolutely have no choice but to acknowledge whatever it is or be forced  to endure it during the entire conversation making it blatantly obvious that you’re ignoring it on purpose since it’s just so in your face. So what i like to do for instance, when someone goes like “Yeap so i saw him while i was driving my new car around…and like yeah since i was in my new car he didn’t see me but obviously he wouldn’t recognize my new car” or something like that, as if they’re trying to be all modest and casual about it is hype it up to be more than it actually is. E.g. “OMG! YOU GOT A NEW CAR??? OMG nooo, wait! Don’t tell me! IS IT THAT PORSCHE THAT YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE LOOKING AT THE OTHER DAY??” and ahem, if it does actually turn out to be a Porsche then i just go “OMG is it the one that Justin Bieber has?? The chrome coated one?? Omg it’s exactly like the one that Kylie Jenner owns right??” or some shit like that, each question getting more and more outrageous than the last. So they have no choice but to go like “um no…actually it’s just the normal Lamborghini…the basic one…oh no it’s not chrome…it’s black in colour” and so on and so forth until they deflate completely.

It’s a mean technique which involves a lot of intentional undermining but it serves them right and puts them back in their place at the same time.

Try it and tell me it doesn’t work wonders.