This is what happens when you don’t go to China

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Hey guys!  After an entire two months of living out of various suitcases and overnight bags like a glamazon nomad, i moved back home again for good. I swear even when i did come home even for just a day or two, i’d do my makeup straight out of the bag. It’s quite sad. My dry shampoo storage has almost been exhausted, i am one can down and am rationing my last one. I’m absolutely in love with Batiste dry shampoo which i stocked up on during my Bangkok run (word of advice, when you plan on “stocking up” on something, TWO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE) but my darling friend is coming back from over there so i’ve told her to grab me two more. I ABSOLUTELY swear on this.

I WISH i had gotten three instead! Why did i ever doubt your potency, Mr.Batiste?!

Initially, i set out to create a completely different post but it looks like this is swinging in a completely different direction. As i mentioned earlier, i was meant to go to Suzhou, China for a UNESCO heritage camp and whatever but as usual, my uni was being a downright wanker and just fucked up my application and instead of telling me the truth that they forgot to send my application on time, they decided to lie to me and bullshit that the event was cancelled. Really, now?

So ever since then, i’ve been binge shopping with the money i’ve saved for the trip! Not on expensive things so it’s not really a splurge but more of a “i don’t need it but fuck it” sort of thing.

I’ve never really gone cray cray on skin products but lately it’s like my body has been trying to heal itself as a result of its disappointment! All these weird drug store finds such as:

L’oreal Total Repairing Hair Masque

Do i really need this though? I mean, i use enough leave on conditioner as it is!

Eskinol Oil Control Deep Cleanser

My mum swears on this. And eventhough it is dirt cheap (like $2 for an entire bottle which you get plenty of use from), i must say it really does work wonders! The lime extract one which promises to brighten and lighten spots in as early as a week. I’ve only used it for a week or so and i do feel like my skin feels a lot less bumpier and my blemishes have gotten less redder. My skin has been suffering ever since my trip. It is impossible to not wear thick makeup when you’re in a place like Bangkok where everyone is so young and beautiful and trendy. But being a tourist, i wasn’t used to wearing such thick makeup on a normal basis and having to walk around for hours on end so the sweat and makeup didn’t bode too well together 😦 But i trust Eskinol to do the work, i really do! It feels so potent whenever i put it on.

Montagne Jeunesse face masks!

I’ve tried a few of these before but never really caught on to the beauty of face masks- until now. Montagne Jeunesse (pronounced Mon-tan-ya Joo-ness) isn’t exactly my favourite drugstore mask but it does come pretty cheap when you’re on a budget (ahem, i’ve still got to save up for my future trips, haven’t i??). It’s fun to use as beauty masks often are but i don’t really see results instantly or feel anything different when i take it off, although i’d like to think something is going on underneath.

Cheesiest poster advert ever D:

Guardian face masks are another cheap go-to for a pauper like me! But believe it or not, i actually like it. It smells amazing, especially the caviar one.  It smells…heavenly. Not fishy at all! No, for real. Because i know some people who wrinkle their face at the mention of caviar and beauty products in the same line. GET WITH THE TREND ALREADY, MORMONS.

This next one is quite disgusting, to be honest. I call it the foot grater. It looks exactly like what it’s called. A grater. For feet. I have terribly thick soles as a result of almost 16 years straight of wearing heels and within mere days of putting a pumice stone to it, it goes right back to normal.

So this is what i’ve resorted to.

Presenting ze foot grater!

It looks incredibly gory, especially for some like me who gets faint at the mere sight of a bloody scab (someone else’s) but my pedicurist at Siam Centre used it on me and these revolting…flakes of skin fell right off like it was freaking Christmas or something. So obviously it worked and i bought one for myself right after! (On a side note, have any of you guys ever realized how smooth men’s feet are? They’re just so incredibly…baby like. Like they’ve petals glued on them or… something.)

Okay so i can’t recall anything else that i’ve bought recently however, that is not all, i am about to go on a makeup spree as soon as the new stock of my favourite brand comes in! I’m in serious need of more mousse foundation (i’m already 2 jars down, i swear on it too), new brow pencils (i’m left with mere stumps!) and my new obsession alongside face products. LIP STAINS! As my number one to-get lip stain of the moment, i am in love with…

Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain

But then again, who isn’t. And as soon as i get within a 50 mile proximity of one, i will get it. But since i live in dreary Brunei, i will have to temporarily settle for the dupe. Which as of the moment, seems just as hard to reach. Fuckeroo.

L’Oreal Shine Caresse ‘Glossy Stains

Like, we have L’Oreal and shit (and even then, only in selected drugstores!) and even that doesn’t have these glossy stains. How pathetic can Brunei retail stores get?? Okay rant over. Haul over. I’ll post more when i get more.

Which I will.