22 nights in Bangkok and the world’s my oyster

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So as you guys have probably realized by now, 22 days is a very long time to be on vacation for. So it’s no surprise if you expect a long ass post from me detailing my ASEAN Youth Exchange program as well as my other two weeks of debauchery. However, that won’t be the case as everyone knows of my terrible memory which most likely will result something terrible and disorderly like this:


  1. So for almost two weeks i stayed at Windsor Suites Bangkok, which was great, quite a nice hotel, impressive lobby and whatnot. However, to our astonishment, the lower your floor is (there were 30 floors altogether) the dodgier your room got. So out of sheer luck, i picked one of the higher floors which was the 22nd which was pretty aight (but not high enough because my friends who got the 27th and 30th floor got much better lighting in their rooms as well as a brighter and cheerier colour scheme i.e. white and cream while mine was brown and indigo). But nevertheless, i am so so grateful to Chulalongkorn University who managed to put us in such great accommodations and fill us up with amazing food for every meal. I only wish my country would do the same for them.
  2. My second abode for the next four days after the programme ended was at a close friend’s place in Phra Khanong! And coincidentally there was a famous Thai movie in the cinemas going on at the time called Pee Mak, a horror comedy featuring Mario Maurer which is based on the legend of…….PHRA KHANONG! *creyes* Thank God i only watched it after i got back to Brunei.
  3. My third residence was… the best. I would say my first hotel was the best but i just had so many wonderful, cosy memories in this one. I mean, i did have wonderful, cosy memories in Windsor Suites but i also had my fair share of shitty ones. The hotel was called Best Comfort Bangkok and it was amazingly comfortable! :’) I could have cried when we left it because the gay staff were so friendly, the rooms were lavish and fairly luxurious considering it was BND32 per night with even a kitchen in the hallway. It was a budget hotel but everything there was made to be the best that it could be, the swimming pool was romantic, the gym was pretty okay, the sauna was relaxing, the breakfast was homey, everything you could ever need was available at your disposal! And then we moved to. . .
  4. Baikyoke fuckin suites. Supposedly the tallest building in Thailand which makes it popular among tourists. DO NOT TRUST THE PHOTOS. IT. WAS. SHITE (and i stayed in the freaking suite!). It was practically in little fuckin India! IN BANGKOK WTF. And the entrance was at the foot of some ghetto strip mall filled with Indian clothes and blasting with Pakistani music, scam tuktuk drivers screaming “20baht 20baht!” (which may i just add, is an impossible price because wtf that’s like BND0.70, what they actually do is makes several different stops  where they force and cajole you into buying your overpriced souvenirs and expensive jewellery before bringing you to your actual destination). I actually have to rant about this hotel. Agoda.com gave it freaking four stars which is absolute bollocks because the service is shite, the location is TERRIBLE (not a BTS station in sight!) or any worthy shopping malls within comfortable walking distance, the toilet is TINY (even if the room is humongous), there was no POO HOSE (i’m Asian, freakin’ sue me for wanting to wash my bum properly)! And i swear, i’m not even racist but the hotel was filled to the brim with ahem, a specific race with very prominent body smells radiating from them with a tendency to fart and burp in elevators which was fucking unfortunate for me and my boyfriend because we stayed on the 41st floor. IT WAS ALRIGHT FOR THEM TO LEAVE THEIR ODOURS IN THE LIFT considering they stayed in the lower floors and got off sooner than we did!  Yeah i’m guessing they were the ones who rated it 4 stars cause no one else in their right mind would! With their freaking grotty swimming pool and pathetic looking gym and cold breakfasts and uncomfortable chairs and illiterate and untrained waiters. BOO. YOU WHORE, BAIYOKE. We stayed there for the last two days of our trip because it said that it was near to the airport. NOT FREAKING WORTH IT. Ended my vacation on a slightly bad note.

So i was initially planning on a long ass post ranting about my trip from every aspect but considering it’s already quite lengthy and i’ve only just brushed on the accommodation bits of my trip, i’m going toooo… make a few more posts like this detailing different aspects of my trip! Let me know if you want to know about a specific part…or not :’)