Lesson not fully learnt

by alittlehoneyformyheart

If there’s one thing i learnt here from my trip in Bangkok, it’s that you should always take the road less travelled. Or at the end of the night, you’ll look back at yourself and realize what a fool you’ve made of yourself and what a waste of time you’ve made of your God given opportunities.

Lesson fully and truly learnt. Two more weeks left in Bangkok, i’m going to make the most out of what i have left.


So this was actually written using my phone halfway during my trip to Thailand (that’s how serious it was, who even blogs using their phones?). It was about something that i’d learnt about taking chances instead of always doing the thing you know best. Sometimes the familiar route can also end up being the boring one and it’s true what they say when they tell you that in twenty years time you’ll regret more about the things you didn’t do rather than the things that you did do.

I didn’t even need to wait twenty years, it only took a mere few hours to leave me sitting in my hotel living room stranded and alone on a Saturday night at 11pm in Bangkok  (a.k.a. the Vegas of South East Asia) watching cheesy Korean tv shows.

And sad to say… even after that i didn’t take my advice to the full extent. Thinking back now, i don’t remember any instances where i went full out crazy and just did something unexpected and unpredictable. I can only pray that i’ll be so lucky to have those chances again.