Update on my cray cray diet (or should i say lack thereof)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i don’t think i lost even one kg from my stupid vegetable soup diet

i’m just such a big cheat

so unfaithful

my pledged alliance to Reese’s peanut butter cups and frozen yogurt with unhealthy toppings and macarons and cupcakes are just unshakeable


somehow divine intervention has decided to save me from myself and so for the past five days, i’ve been suffering from acute diarrhea.


I mean, obviously it hurts like fuck and i get massive and agonizing contractions ever fifteen minutes whenever i step foot out of the house

but it’s cool. I’m like one kg down. Hahahahaha…ha…ha… *silently starts sobbing*

God, i’m such a loser.


Oh i know why. Because if i was, i’d be ruling the world already by now and i bet everyone knows that!

Everyone’s probably internally thanking their lucky stars that i haven’t got it all. hmph

Okay just going a tad neurotic because it’s 2am, i still have another day of exams on Tuesday (meanwhile half of my friends are already done with theirs eugh wankers) and THE GREAT GATSBY’S PREMIERE IS TOMORROW!!!! EUGH SO ESSITED i don’t even care that i have an exam the next morning, i HAVE TO SEE IT ASAP.