Starting my summer holidays with a literal Bang! (and a cray cray diet)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Yeap, that’s right, bitches, all that toiling away has worked off and i’m going to Bangkok for three weeks! I think i mentioned in one of my earlier posts that i was going to Thailand for a holiday with my boyfriend and to meet up with some friends, howevs, i applied for this ASEAN program and i got in! Hence extending my holiday from a measly one week to an exact of twenty two days! Oh God can this shit get any better? Although i do have my exams happening next week though which is a pain in my ass (and not the good kind) but i’m willing to overlook that for the wonderful head start to my summer holidays! ❤ BUT EUGH i’m actually going on this crazy intensive diet right now because ALL I CAN FREAKING THINK ABOUT is how i will not be able to fit into any of the freaking clothes when i’m in Thailand and thus, hindering my entire shopping experience. ALSO, i am terrified of not being able to take any good photos of my holiday because of how fugly i am at the moment. So that’s right, no rice (when i can help it/ although i’m actually such a fucking failure, it’s only my second day and i already had nasi lemak for lunch today eugh fts), vegetable soup a supposed six times a day (when i can find any in the damn fridge of course, i’d be lucky if i don’t pummeled in the face with all the frozen fast fried food whenever i open the fridge door), lots of water, considerable amount of exercise (and since i can’t do sit ups for shit, it’s more like reverse sit ups with my legs). ANYHOW, back to Bangkok! I’ll be staying in this gorgeous 4 star hotel (FOR FREEE) for eleven days! And then after the forum i’ll be bunking at  a friend’s place for four days until my boyfriend arrives. Cannot wait! I already foresee myself with numerous hangovers. I’ve been watching Hangover 2 religiously to, you know, just get a general feel of thangs. HEHEHEHE SUMMER HOLIDAY ’13 HERE. I. COME! P.s. It’s exam period so i don’t really feel up to blogging as much as i usually do 😦