What’s great and what needs a knock on the head

by alittlehoneyformyheart

What’s great:

1. I’ve really learnt to understand the importance of a simple smile. I walked past someone a few mornings ago and she was on the floor painting something and she just looked at me and gave a “good morning we’ve made eye contact have a nice day just being friendly” smile. Which i surprisingly managed to return after 0.9 seconds of surprise.

Then the next day it happened again, i got out from my car and this girl who was walking towards me just gave me a smile as we walked past. WHICH I ALSO MANAGED TO RETURN IN TIME. I was actually so surprised because idk! It’s sort of bittersweet though because while it completely made my day, i also felt just a teeny bit saddened because…i mean, what has the world evolved to that a simple smile has turned into such a rare, sacred thing?

And if i could get away with smiling at a stranger without being shot down, i would. I guess that should be my belated, belated new year’s resolution.


2. The most beautiful phrase a uni student can hear in his or her lifetime.

“Deadline… postponed”.


What needs a knock on the head:

1. People who laugh really loudly to get attention. Bitch, please. If i hear your breathy, gaspy laugh one more time, i will shoot you right in the middle of your tacky, red glasses.

2. Bitches who hound on other people who have lives. Ho, i am TRRRRR-RYINGGGGGGG to get your damn list to you okay, you don’t have to hound me on my club’s facebook page, my whatsapp, my email, my profile and then tell me “you’ll be waiting for my reply”. I HAVE A LIFE TO LEAD, I HAVE A CLUB TO RUN, I HAVE VISITORS TO BE AN AMBASSADOR TO, I HAVE ASSIGNMENTS TO TEND TO AND I HAVE LECTURERS TO KISS ASS TO.

Not to mention i have a boyfriend a hundred thousand miles away from me because i didn’t have the time, energy or patience to take care of him one hundred percent when he was sick! So pleeease, save for your barking up for another tree.

I actually created this draft post like, ten days ago but then i just kept editing and adding to it and yea, since i have so much to say about what’s great and what needs a knock on the head i shall just turn it into a regular segment! 🙂