I need to tone it down with my endearments, no seriously, f’real

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Ever since my youngest sister was born , i’ve developed this habit for endearments.

It’s quite ridiculous and i think i’ve trained her to be this really flexible kid who’ll answer to anything as long as you yell in her direction.

Her name is actually quite messed up as it is so for me to add to the injury is just uncouth!

It started with Timmy. Then it quickly moved on to TimTim. Then Tammers. Tamelia. Tamsie poo. Tasher. Tasherz. Tasheroo. Tashiepoo. Tamsie poo. BBGHBB (Baby girrrl Honey Boo Boo), Tashie boo boo etc.

I think you get the gist. All that within two years. But the reason why i suddenly think i need to put a hold on this habit of mine is because it’s started to extend to other people…like my boyfriend (Demsie poo), the other day my friend (Yassy boo), my dad “Daddykins”…

And just just now i found myself waking up my brother with “hamster poo”. Because his name is Samson and he never knew how to pronounce the S in Sam, so he ended up calling himself “Hamham” which sort of stuck with me, even now ten years later.

Hamster Poo. That’s what i’ve succumbed to.

I really have to sort out my issues.