Unladylike thoughts i have had/expressed recently *pats hair primly*

by alittlehoneyformyheart



So i’m about to go into some serious T.M.I. here but you know what? Plucking hurts LIKE. A. BEETCH. I can’t and won’t even imagine how much waxing hurts. AND YOU KNOW ANOTHER THING? I like it bushy! And and hairless va-jay-jays repulse me! If my boyfriend insisted that i shave my Miss V then i’d have to give him the boot because men who insist on it are just unconscious pedophiles. Yeap. Men should learn to accept the fact that women, like men, have pubic hair as well and we’re not pretty, dainty creatures who have to maintain the impression that we’re innocent, adolescent virgins with mere hints of illuminated peach fuzz, accompanied with a  heavenly glow of light and trumpets everytime she unpants herself (note how i said “pants” and not “skirts”- FEMINISM FTW). SO LET IT GROW, WOMEN! Let that black forest thrive and multiply!

In addition, i don’t think vaginas are particularly the prettiest sight to behold so why not um, seaweed coat it a little? Bahahaha. I just don’t think i can stand the idea of having someone see my Miss V in all its glory. In my head, it is not a pretty sight at all.

2. I just think a person’s orgasm face and their death face (if they were shot in the back with an arrow) would be really similar. Interchangeable, in fact. Because, uh, idk that’s just how i imagine my face looks… not that i’ve been…shot in the back with an arrow before.

3. I wonder how it feels like to squirt. It’s not fair that guys get to experience such a release every time they orgasm! I just feel so empty down below every time i solo “happy time” (slightly) above! Ahem how shall i put this…uh, what should feel like a dam/reservoir bursting just feels like a canal during low tide. K.

But then again, we did get blessed with the multiple orgasm abilities. Speaking of which…

4. Sometimes i can’t really appreciate the fact that women are the only ones who can orgasm multiple times consecutively. At times i even feel like it’s a curse because men just can’t keep up, no matter how strong they are! For me it feels like one male orgasm to three quarters of a woman’s one. Siiigh

K sekshuuuaaal rant over i hope my church buddies don’t see this. Remind me to remove this post when i’m internet famous kthx