Game Over: But here’s to new approaches!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I feel like such a failure at the moment. 

I can’t seem to handle the present and the load of my activities and yet at the same time

i feel it’s also because there’s no one to back me up

and if they do, it’s a very belated, passive sort of back up and co-operation.

Everyone just wants to jump off the sinking boat, have you ever considered that i want the same too?

And yet i can’t because i’m the pilot of this damn ship.

It’s time to get self-sufficient. This is what happens when you try to trust or depend on other people.

Shit, in a nutshell.

I simply have to buckle up and hold on.

I have to be prepared to strive.

So long, my “go with the flow” approach!