Kings of Convenience + Quick Update on my shite memory

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Since i’ve been terrible at dancing for as long as i can remember, i have decided to make mini Erlend Oye and adult Erlend Oye into my inspiration the next time i’m required to show some form of dancing. I’ve always been made fun of whenever i dance, especially by my friends who can dance better. In fact, even the ones who don’t dance are fully aware that i’m donkey’s arse at it. People just know that i don’t. do. dance. Probably has much to do with my shite memory. Speaking of which…

Update on aforementioned shite memory: Earlier on i went out for dinner with some Thai exchange students, just to welcome them to Brunei and whatnot and i asked the advisor like where we’d be eating, upon which we settled on some Thai restaurant.

So i get in my car and two seconds later i’m sticking my head out the window. “Hey! We never settled on where we were gonna eat” which was an oblivious lie because not just two seconds ago we were discussing the directions to which i had replied “Oh i know that place! It’s easy to find”.

Person A: We uh, decided to go to that Thai place…at Gadong…right?

Me: Oh…yeah…you’re right, we uh, we did.

HIPPOCAMPUS/TEMPORAL LOBE, why do you insist on making me look like a shithead?!

Or have i just gotten that bloody lazy to think that my brain needs other brains to spoon feed it information?

Anyway, ta-ta for now.

I am so not looking forward to Chinese New Year. Bleagh. Festivities are sort of MEH thing for me.