You know how everyone says karma is a bitch? (Pizza version)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Unfortunately, those bitches were right. She’s the biggest bitch around and even i can’t deny that.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve obviously changed things around here and there because well, this blog isn’t fool proof and there’s always the slight chance of people finding out who i am. And also because i’ve suddenly taken to tagging my posts with “Brunei”. And did i tell you the Bruneian population count is about 500,000 people? Yeah.

So you know how i’ve been working in… in… a pizza bar? Uh yeah so the MANAGER of this uh, “pizza bar” i’m “working” at was a real bitch. Okay so she wasn’t exactly a bitch, more of a fool. A big fool. And an overly confident and oblivious one at that. And we all hated her. More of disgusted by her because she was incredibly ignorant of um…pizzas. The point is! If you want to serve pizza and you want to teach people about pizza and you want to boss other people around about pizza, YOU SHOULD KNOW PIZZA. And this fool did not know shit about pizza. She just wanted the title. There are a lot of people like that out there which is insane because people like that are so crazed by the idea of being put in charge of something and being dominant of others that they fail to understand that with the title, comes other things like responsibility, loyalty, dedication, commitment, tactfulness, diplomacy and lastly, an actual interest in what you’re selling to others.

So being under her, we used to bitch about her day and night because she was incredibly annoying and embarrassing on all levels. “Customers” used to ask her things and she wouldn’t know what the hell to say because she didn’t. know. pizza. Important officials could tell that she wasn’t worthy of her “position” and they would prefer to liaise with others who actually looked like they knew what they were doing and talking about. Long story short, we couldn’t stand her and when the time came to pick another “manager” we could barely wait to prod her of her self imposed podium with our (bread) sticks. And guess who the next “manager” was?

That’s right. Yours truly.

Now, to nip this in the bud i’m definitely not saying that i hate my new position, nor was i ever vying after her position. I do love being the new “manager” but like i say karma is a bitch. I am currently paranoid as fuck. We had our first meeting the other day and everyone said i did fine but in my head, i am so terrified of being just like her. Every time i ask a question regarding some technicality, a part of me feels like her because she never knew how to do shit and she always had this blank look on her face. Whenever, i say i’ll do something, i feel as though i could break into a sweat just thinking of how i’d look so much like her if i didn’t fall through.

And yet at the same time, i don’t want to feel like a puppet with my fears and doubts of myself ruling over my conscience as i seek approval from others. So yeah… like i say, karma is a bitch. And i know wherever she is, she’s certainly laughing her head off right now at the idea of how terrified i am of turning into her.

END DISCLAIMER: So obviously, i don’t work at a pizza bar. I don’t even know why i said Pizza Bar. Did i mean Pizza Parlor? Yeah. And i know why i picked pizza and that’s because i have been craving it like fuck for the past two weeks. I even dreamt about it! I don’t want no skinny Italian pizza with natural tomato sauce and natural cheese. I WANT A NICE, FATTY, AMERICAN MARGHERITA PIZZA with cheese stuffing and thick crusts OKAY