General Life Update (not as serious or appealing as it sounds lol)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So i’ve got plenty on my mind, so many thoughts and ideas that i’ve intended on making into blog posts but keep forgetting to, so i’m just going to rattle thoughts off the top of my head. It’s a night to ramble, ladies and gents. 

1) My left eye is swollen and watery and that’s probably because i’ve been sleeping at five am every night for the past week. And i’m scared i’m getting my eye infection again, the one that began because i kept falling asleep with my makeup on.

2) I need to stop sleeping at five am every night to use the internet as “the internet speed is faster at night” should not be a legit reason for drooling in lectures. … starting tomorrow of course.

3) This semester i’m taking five modules instead of the customary four, mostly because two of the modules i signed up for were compulsary modules and one of them doesn’t even have an exam so why not take an extra one to even up the load right? Miraculously, i somehow have an entire two days off not including Fridays so that means Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays i am FURRREEEE, BABY.

4) As a result of number 3, i imagined that this would allow me to be on top of all my assignments considering i have three consecutive free days in a row! But unfortunately, this is not the case. I am lazier than ever. Procrastinatin’ like no one’s biz. Just the other Friday, i woke up at one then snoozed the alarm til four then stayed up until seven and then slept again until ten. Only then did i feel like starting my assignments because i am insanely nocturnal like that.

5) I have this lecturer who is strict as fuck and eventhough i cut her out to be someone with rather good intentions despite a ramrod straight sense of discipline, she is killing me. No seriously. She expects her students to be in class within ten minutes or she’ll lock the door. My lecture before that is on the other end of the campus and that normally takes fifteen minutes on foot. I tried to run last week and i swear, it was the single most torturous experience in uni ever. My thighs were burning because i didn’t even have time to take the stairs so i had to HIKE up the path road below the damn stairs. And even then i almost got locked out if it weren’t for some miracle divine intervention. EUGHHH

6) I am currently reading Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. A bit draggy but it’s pretty good! Like most of her other novels that i’ve read actually. Hmm i should probably start reviewing through all the books that i’ve been reading so i don’t just bulldoze through them so fast.

7) My memory is getting worse and worse. We were discussing Breakfast at Tiffany’s one tutorial and a second after i told my friend that she’d made a good point, i turned to my note book and then realized i’d forgotten exactly what she had said. Yay me.

8) At the moment i am in charge of the Sawaddee club. I am not as of yet the official president considering we have to wait for “re-election” whatever that is but yeah, i’m guessing it’s going to be a heavy load on my back. I hope all this pays off on my trip to Bangkok mid-year which i am terrified about but am quite adamant on.

Ookay. Only took me two days to make this post but whatevs. My fans can wait. Hardy har har. Readership count: below zero. Uhuh i am so party rocking this shit.