How i got that extra hour of sleep

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I know this sounds terrible but while i was in Jakarta and staying with my boyfriend’s mum and his siblings, i used to actually wake up around 9 in the morning everyday.  Yeah. I feel bad and all but everyone knows that shopping is exhausting! And i did a LOT of shopping. I mean a LOT.

So one morning at about 6 am i actually woke up to the sound of major buzzing going on around my head and i mean MAJOR, as major as two mini helicopters mating in dragonfly fashion. Obviously, i couldn’t head back to sleep. Well actually i could but the sound went on every eight seconds or so! I cannot imagine how the fly (mosquito as someone else puts it) got into the room and only decided to wake me up at the break of dawn!

It made me so pissed because at one point i remember dozily slapping myself on the nose where it had landed for a milisecond. So in my daze i actually got the bright idea to google instant mosquito repellants. And then i got an EVEN brighter idea to download an app for it because everyone knows there’s an app for everything nowadays right? And true enough! There was! And as a mini belated “current things i love a.k.a. Things That Make Me Feel Like Part of the Brady Bunch” post, i shall rave about it further to my heart’s content.


So this was the “Anti Bug and Mosquito” app which actually shines this bright orange light which apparently is supposed to annoy bugs, which is amazing cause all i had to do was switch off the light (cause i never sleep with the lights off, more so in a foreign land in a foreign house) and put it as near to my head as possible without being a victim of radiation and voila! It was gone. As you can see there are also three settings; indoors, outdoors in the daytime and outdoors at night. Or was that on your house’s drive way, on the way to a camping trip and in your tent on aforementioned camping trip? Oh well.


This next one is called the Anti Fly app (i know right, such obvious half arsed names)  which supposedly plays out sounds at the given settings of 12kHz or higher which only bugs can hear. And it pisses them off hence preventing them from hanging around you. Yayy! Honestly, i seriously believe that this one did more compared to the previous one, although i can’t say for sure. Perhaps it was because i used this more often everywhere. I mean, literally, EVERYWHERE. While i was traipsing the streets, eating at restaurants, visiting temples, you name it i’ve anti-flied it.

So yea that’s basically my two favourite apps of the month! I can’t be sure they’re not flukes and i can’t 100% guarantee these aren’t scams but they definitely did it for me! Til next time :*