Dammit, just sit still!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I am generally a very impatient person and that comes as no surprise at all to those around me. However, i seem to be taking this to a completely new level with this “new” habit of mine. Idk it most likely has been going on for forever but has only struck me as odd recently.

I find that i cannot waste time. As in, my brain just simply won’t allow it so I always have to be doing something or another with my hands.

Just a few minutes ago while waiting for Facebook to load, i grabbed a book and started reading. I then typed in my email and password and then proceeded to grab my other book and start reading that. O.O

And when i eat that’s even worst- i can’t read serious books (read: Tolstoy, Jodi Picoult etc.) while i’m eating because i’m worried that i might forget to chew as i’m getting so caught up in my book so i often find myself reading the books i used to read when i was ten (read: Full House, Sweet Valley twins and at one point, hardcover Enid Blytons, i kid you not, hello Winky the Brownie!). And when i’m in the front of a laptop, i have to actually put on a movie or watch something while eating, even if it takes me half an hour to locate a particular movie which i will watch for 20 minutes until i’m done with my meal.

Does this have something to do with some irrational fear of me getting bored?

Someone, please provide me with an answer for my ever increasing delusions.

BRB going to microwave me some breakfast and bring a novel along while i’m at it, to occupy myself for the entire thirty seconds it’ll take me to make toast.

F.Y.I. I wasn’t kidding when i said i was afraid i’d forget to chew while reading. Once i got so absorbed with this book that i forgot to sleep. I won’t even start on the time i was on the toilet.