Things that make me feel like part of the Brady Bunch #3

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So this edition of TTMMFLPOTBB (lol i obviously just made that up) is different because this time, i’m going to list a few things that i feel enriches the soul- my soul. So this will sort of act as a reminder for me for whenever i feel bored or when i feel like i haven’t been doing anything productive in a while and that the ground should swallow up such an unworthy blob of laziness. Plus they’re pretty easy things too so anyone could follow them if they wanted to. And hopefully with my explanations, they’ll all make sense. So here goes:

1) Read a book in a proper upright (okay okay fine semi upright will do) position. Any book that you’re reading.

Why? Because i find that oftentimes i tend to read while laying down in bed and while that’s awesome and all because it allows me to do half of both my top favourite things (sleeping and reading), that’s just it. I’m mostly half reading. And being a book lover, i feel that by sitting upright, it allows me to immerse myself even further into the plot which means taking away more from my reading experience that I otherwise would.

Plus it feels oh so Parisian chic to be able to do so with a lovely China porcelain teacup by your side or even (if this is your kind of thing) with a Virginia Slim to puff on in one hand. Bonus points if you’ve a proper reading spot (e.g. a cushy love seat or a gazebo in the garden- provided you’re slathered in bug repellent, of course).

2) Have a movie (or tv series) marathon on your laptop in bed. Snacks optional.

There’s something so ultimately slobbish and yet perfect for some me-time downtime to just get to know yourself by spending the entire afternoon in bed watching your favourite movies. It doesn’t even have to be your favourite movies, it can just be movies that you’re curious about or something that you thought you might like so you bought it but never had the time to watch, that sort of thing. It’s all about getting to know yourself and just…loving yourself. Mmmhmm. I don’t know about anyone else but i love being in bed.

And why do i say snacks are optional, instead of encouraging the company of three tubs of Haagen Dazs Rum and Raisin and about fifteen bars of assorted Cadbury treats? Because at one point, you’ll have to get up and no one needs the guilt of standing up and realizing that one amazing afternoon in bed has cost you a week on the treadmill. But if you really need it and God knows that there are times when we really do need those three tubs of ice cream, then by all means, go ahead and give your sweet tooth some loving! :’)

3) Read through magazines (fashion, tabloids etc.) Or just watch Gossip Girl.

How are these two related you may ask? Well, from my opinion, both options are amazing when you need to find what’s new and what’s hot to keep your look or wardrobe updated. And i find that i want and sometimes need, to do this a lot because there are times when i get so caught up in life and being comfortable that i feel myself sort of slacking in the fashion department. And while i’m all for comfort, sometimes what a girl really needs for a dash of confidence is a new look. It just gives me a certain lift when i do. So i recommend reading fashion magazines (my favourites are probably Bazaar, Vogue and ViVi) and watching Gossip Girl because after immersing yourself in all that fierce fashion forwardness (look, i alliterated!), it is almost impossible to not feel inspired in some way to up the ante on your outfits. Hence, not only embodying points number one and two as shown above, it also gives you that extra swoosh when you head out.

What is there not to love!

4) Shave your legs. Trim your brows. Do your nails. Moisturize. etc.

Okay i know i’m skimming on thin ice here but there’s nothing more amazing than realizing that you’re pretty much ready to go anywhere life takes you. And for me, there’s really no better way to make me feel like i’m ready to make lemonade with the figurative lemons that life throws at me than for me to be all shaved and plucked and facial masked… Ha…ha.

Okay to be absolutely honest, I initially planned to have the list up go up to at least five but i am exhausted from all the elaborating so I shall just end it here. Lol but i hope you get the gist of it anyway! Have a lovely Thursday! ❤