Eye opening revelations

by alittlehoneyformyheart

So  i just woke up today and i feel this sense of accomplishment from rolling out of bed within fifteen minutes and getting my teeth brushed and face washed within twenty. Woohoo.

Do i finally sense some signs of life going on here and thurr?

I’ve been attending university since the first day which was on the 7th and registering for all my classes which has been thankfully unpainstakingly easy which is a God given considering it normally takes people five million tries before getting into a proper module.

But i just feel dead. Sometimes. Most of the time…idk.

I miss Jakarta so much, i don’t even know how i managed to live in such a slow paced environment all my life i.e. Brunei i’m looking at you. I always knew that i craved something more and that i always loved being up and about, busy with everything and yet when i was in Jakarta, it introduced me to a different form of living.

I was there for three weeks so technically,it didn’t feel like any normal vacation because a) i was actually staying in my boyfriend’s family home (because duh, my boyfriend is Indonesian and grew up in Jakarta until about two years ago) and b) we had a car so there was no hullabaloo with looking for taxis or walking fatal distances (no really, in Jakarta, walking really is potentially fatal). Plus what i really loved was the lack of uncertainty of it all… it was just amazing. Everyone knew where to head for dinner, everyone knew where everything was, everyone could speak the language. Just wonderful!

But yea admittedly it’s not really the same as actually staying there and working there but you know… i think i get the gist of it.

But this may sound superficial sounding and all but i think what really bought me over were the shopping malls. If i could step into any place and feel like nothing in the world could go wrong, then it would be a shopping mall in Jakarta. Grand Indonesia, Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah, Plaza Indonesia, Central Park… name it and i love it.

And again, i may look back once my vacation blues are over and laugh at what i’m saying but seeing how beautiful these place are, how gorgeous and glamorous all the people who shop there are and how delicious and breathtaking all the dining places are set just really helped me set the tone for my future. This is how i want my future to look like, this is what i want to fill my days with. All the while working at my dream job, which, of course, fits in just perfectly.

And if i were the kind of person to set resolutions, then what better resolution would there to be than to just… start setting the path to my dream future in any way i can?