Say whuuuuut?! Dan is Gossip Girl?! (“Belated” is my middle name)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

This is belated and i am most likely the last person on the entire damn universe to find out who Gossip Girl is but i  can’t sincerely apologize for that because i’ve been having the time of my life in Micronesia hence the M.I.A. status (more on that in the next few days!)

So i’m just watching this video and dry sobbing my eyes out because a) i haven’t watched GG in a long time and i feel like i’ve really missed out and b) Serena’s wedding dress is hideous.

I mean, come on, Serena’s badonk-kadonk revealing outfits are always, always to die for, for as long as i can remember and yet for the finale and single most important day of her life, she wears some tacky Lamé (pun intended) dress to walk down the imagined aisle?

Oh and also c) Why is Harry Bass not utterly and completely gorgeous? Idk… does anyone have a clue?

I’m not saying the kid is terrifying to look at but they could’ve picked someone a little bit more fitting and fashion forward like this little guy and this guy (technically they’re the same kid but whatevs).

I have yet to watch the entire episode (or the past four seasons for that matter) but seeing all the extra scenes and bit and bobs from the season finale has gotten me in tears.

I miss it so and i cannot wait to get my hands on all the past seasons. I’ve forgotten that wonderful sensation that comes along with watching Gossip Girl and suddenly my love for it has reignited and i want need it back!  T.T