To make or break my first impression

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Oh My God

My trip to Jakarta starts tomorrow and already i’m freaking out.

I just did about 3/4 of a manicure on myself and then realized that i looked like a Vegas show girl and that it wasn’t appropriate for the occasion of meeting potential in-laws so i removed the entire thing. I would upload a picture but i can’t seem to upload anything at this time.

I initially wanted to do my gypsy nail manicure again but this time with a taupe base so it’s not as eye catching and yet still looks quite glitzy HOWEVER looking into my manicure tray, i was suddenly seized by the idea of replacing the taupe with bring orangey red instead.

Hence, the Vegas showgirl look. So now i’ll have to repaint them taupe…as planned originally.

Sigh why do i do this to myself

Yep. Exactly the impression i wanted to portray to my boyfriend’s mother who happens to be a pastor