To brave my fears and explore the world…or to be a couch potato?

by alittlehoneyformyheart

I’m planning on my first independent summer trip next year in Bangkok.

Independent meaning without any family members and probably without any friends (however i will be meeting up with a friend who’ll be living there next year) but considering that i’ve never flown by myself before, it is sort of a big deal for me. Lol

I thought it would be fitting that my first trip be in Thailand considering one of my two favourite books in the world is The Beach by Alex Garland (which i think i’ve mentioned more than a few times before lol it’s just that amazing) and the main setting is in… Thailand! I’m just so excited and yet…obviously there’s that fear of me getting in danger or not reaching my destination safely or just idk! Not to mention Brokedown Palace was the first ever movie that made a huge impression on me when i was much much younger and i remember it to this freakin day.

Obviously i’ll be taking all precautions possible, downloading guides (i particularly love this one as it’s for women travelling by themselves), reading all the websites (cause i am so bloody paranoid about being an unintentional drug smuggler maigaz!) and reading all the travel apps (triposo isn’t bad, albeit a bit lengthy).

So many things could happen to me and of course, my mother is like the number one advocate of imposing these fears on me. I’ve tried telling her that if i don’t go out and see the world when i’m young, then when will i do it? She then counters by telling me i’m only twenty. But what if the world ends before i turn 25?

I’m filled with so much mixed emotions i don’t even know what to do anymore.

I’ve also been preparing for my month long trip to Jakarta next week, although my boyfriend whom i’ll be going there with is a local Jakartan so i’m not as worried. That’s all. Update soon!