Things that make me feel like part of the Brady Brunch #2

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Despite having near to zero cooking abilities, i have always had an affinity for cooking shows. Especially dessert shows.

They just make me so happy, seeing those ingredients form into dishes which induce such amounts of happiness for sweet tooths (teeth?) such as yours truly!

And as you all know (if you’ve been reading this space long enough, which i doubt! creyes hahaha)  i’ve been very much involved in my university’s Thai culture club which means i’ve developed an infatuation for anything and everything Thailand!

So this post is about my favourite Thai dessert! I haven’t even tasted it or made it yet but i just love watching this video over and over again. I can only imagine what the scented candle coconut milk smells like! And the palm sugar? Say whut i love all the different forms of sugar and this one looks exceptional! EUGGGGGH. And look at that adorable coating of sweetened gelatin encasing the Luuk Chup! HEAVENLY

I bet the mung bean stuffing inside tastes sensational as well. MMMMM

Haha i know this post is practically pointless but watching Luuk Chup being made is definitely something that gives me that fuzzy feeling in my tummy on rainy nights.

Let me know which dessert makes YOU feel like part of the Brady Bunch! 🙂