by alittlehoneyformyheart

For the past one week, i’ve been volunteering as a Liaison Officer for the ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum which meant taking care of the delegates from all over South East Asia. I for some lucky coincidence, got a group from Thailand, which in case you don’t know is my favourite country. Not that i’ve been there yet but i just know it is!

So fast forward, now that it’s over, i feel sad obviously because the Thais took a piece of my heart back with them at the airport but i also feel motivated. Throughout the entire forum, i met all kinds of characters from Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia etc. and going through all their pictures on facebook, i suddenly feel so…slow. They’re doing so much in their lives and here i am, at the very beginning taking my sweet time. I have to get things moving, i have to get cracking, i have to learn more about life, i have to see the world. Now now now. I also have to seriously work on myself. I’m not doing enough.

So this is what i’m working to doing, like at this very moment:

  1. Save up money
  2. Get my ass to Thailand for a holiday
  3. Get a designer bag, preferably Chanel
  4. Take up Thailand in my next semester
  5. Do extremely well in my studies to pass my final exams in November with flying colours
  6. Lose weight
  7. Work towards doing my Discovery Year in Thailand
  8. Live an awesomer life

Yeah i didn’t say it would sound relevant but i swear, it all makes sense to me right now. Lol. So that’s it for tonight, more active blogging coming up soon! ❤