Things that make me feel like a part of the Brady Brunch! (Part 1)

by alittlehoneyformyheart

Which is happy, btw in case you didn’t get the title. Haha.

So basically, this segment of my blog will be reserved for things of the moment which make me really happy. I’ve seen a few of my favourite blogs do this so i’ll be giving it a shot myself!

Like for example, this song:

I absolutely fell in love with it when i first heard it. I’m not Indonesian but my boyfriend is Indo-Chinese and we’re one of those cheesy couples who are forever listening to cheesy songs (which i do do do love) but if you’re anything like me, you’re forever writing down the titles of these songs and putting them aside for your future wedding soundtrack. Ahem *coughs awkwardly*. So obviously, since we’re from two different countries we prematurely plan on having two different weddings, one in Jakarta and one in Brunei, which is why i am also working on an Indonesian playlist for the former reception. Hahahahahaha. If my boyfriend saw this…

Basically, the lyrics translate into:

Daddy i have something to tell you
I’m no longer on my own
Mummy hear me out 
i’m bringing my soul mate back with me
Someone who fills all of my days

With you, i’m happy
With you i’ve found love
With you, i’ll spend the rest of my days

Mum and dad please forgive me
Your choice for me isn’t what my heart longs for
Only he/she can be my other half

Chorus (2x)

It’s actually a duet between Hello which is the name of the band and Mega who is the girl. Her voice is just so sweet and melodious, it instantly caught my eye (ear?). It just fits perfectly into my fantasy of singing at my own wedding under the pretense of dedicating it to my new husband which everyone has to listen to because it’s my wedding. K. Not TMI at all.

Lol i also feel like the song just speaks to the both of us because i’m going back with my boyfriend for the first time to Jakarta in December to meet his family. Obviously none of our parents have any major problems about us dating each other other than the occasional topic of how we’re from different countries but it’s all cool other than that. But i just love this song, can’t get enough of it.

Give it a listen and let me know if you’re like me and plan your “future wedding soundtrack” like i do! 🙂