Lucky lucky me!

by alittlehoneyformyheart

As you all know, i’ve just recently got my first car given to me by my uncle. It’s an adorable compact blue Suzuki with three doors, i kid you not. It’s not even that it has four doors and one isn’t working, it literally has only 3 doors built in. I’ve been driving it for about a month now without any major hitches. I honestly did not expect to be allowed to drive in it solo so soon but by the very next day, everyone is staring at me like i’ve sporadically sprouted three heads or something when i told them my schedule- “um you have a car…drive yourself”.

Anyway, so obviously, at the point of my accident i was at that stage where i’m pretty confident already, convinced that i’ve got it all under my sleeve and i’ve experienced it all, maybe even speeding slightly above the limit occasionally.

But today i got into my first and hopefully last accident.

I was rounding a bend on the highway and as i went to move on to the second lane, i turned my head for a second too long to keep my blindspot in check to make sure the road was clear and by the time i looked in front it was too late to brake so i bumped into the car in front. When it first happened i was shaking so much i kept dropping phone in my efforts to dial my mum’s number. But i knew i had to remain calm and collected because if the other driver realized that i was a new license holder then perhaps it wouldn’t have been so easy to come to an agreement. I’ve heard of stories where some of my friends had to pay a little extra to sweeten up the other driver so that they wouldn’t bring it to the police. In Brunei where i live, if you get into an accident less than a year after you pass your driver’s ed, your license gets revoked for a year and there’s so much hassle just to get it back later on.

I called my mom, my dad and my boyfriend in that order and at first i was gutted, albeit slightly unsurprised when my dad told me he was completely tied up at work, which i totally understand. Then he told me he called my uncle who gave me my car so i waited and within minutes and i mean minutes, my uncle, my boyfriend and my dad all arrived within a few minutes of each other.

And obviously, within a few moments i was racked with guilt and gratitude and started bawling my eyes out. I just felt like they were a team at that moment and i, little miss drama queen who always whines that no one cares about her enough, was the reason that they were all rushing and taking time out of their day for. And at that time, i just thought of so many people who can’t say the same and i thanked God for how lucky i was. 

I wasn’t even hurt, the car’s engine wasn’t too badly ruined, only the front bonnet of the car was badly squashed. And the other people were co-operative and not too hostile as things go. And and my uncle offered to cover all the damaged, in fact he assumed he would. I begged for him to let me pay him back, even my boyfriend offered saying that he would pay instead but to no avail.

At first i wondered why i pray for journey mercy each time i leave the house and still this happened to me but then i thought again and took my doubts back. I’m actually pretty damn lucky if you consider that no one was hurt, myself included. The damages were covered by my heroic uncle and it was semester break anyway which means that i won’t have to use my car for the next ten days or so which should be enough time for my car to be back in shape :’) Thank God. 

P.s. If you think my title is sucky, you’re lucky i didn’t go ahead and put a line from Britney’s “Lucky” as the title. Because yeah, i was definitely heading there. One tends to be not so creative with titles at 2am.